Oct 23, 2014

Quitting | Day 23

I'll be honest...I give up easily. It doesn't take much to make me susceptible to quitting.  I have a hard time finishing things.

I am an adult.

Every since I became an adult, okay maybe since I turned sixteen, I decided that if I didn't like something then I didn't have to do it, put up with it, finish it.  I quit things.  When things are no longer fun, when things are hard, when there is conflict. I give up. Avoid. Let go. It's easier.

It's a horrible approach. I know that.  But it's what I do. A lot of adults do it, I'm sure, it's one of the few privileges of being an adult. Ha! But don't get me wrong, I've accomplished so much in my life as well. I do know how to see things through. There are many things that I've wanted to give up on, wanted to quit, desperately wanted to move on from but saw through to the end or continue to maintain, all because that's a part of being an adult too.  

What I need, is to do a better job of evaluating what I give up to make sure that giving it, whatever "it" may be, up is in my best interest.  In other words I need to quit staying up late, quit stressing myself out, quit thinking I'm not smart enough, quit thinking I'm not qualified, quit thinking I'm not...enough.  After I do that, I need to keep trying to believe in myself, keep trying to work towards my goals,  keep trying to stay connected with my family and friends, keep trying to do the best that I can.

May God help me to discern when I should let something go or when I should hold on.  May He continually be my guide and my strength, because if it was solely up to me I'd probably hardly ever finish a thing.

We're forever a work in progress, right?!  Right!

Hone in,

Oct 22, 2014

Limits | Day 22

I need to find a way to wind down and do a better job of setting limits for myself and the things that I do at night. 

After getting Madison to bed and spending time with the hubs (when either one of our faces, usually mine, isn't focused on a device) I tend to stay up late to do things I think need doing (or like doing).  Even with a 5:30am wake time I still end up going to bed around midnight most nights.  I'm usually up blogging, reading, playing word games, responding to comments/emails on social media, you name it.  

I don't want to have to let anything go. Time with Maddie. Time with Daddy. Time with my hobbies. It's all important to me!

I think I just need to limit what I do each night in effort to get more sleep.  So, in addition to not pulling out my laptop until after Madison is asleep, I'm hoping to stick to not only some time limits when it comes to being on the computer and being on my phone but making sure that they are put away after say 9:30pm.  No more late game playing.  No more "let me check/read/post/etc. one more thing".  

Lastly, apparently Maddie isn't the only one in need of an earlier bedtime.  I need to set a decent one and stick to it.  It should really be 10:30pm and I need to spend the time prior to bedtime winding down appropriately so that I can fall asleep more easily.

It all sounds good and seems reasonable but I know these adjustments are going to be tough on all of us.  But, sleep deprivation isn't something to take lightly so it's definitely time to put in the effort to make a lasting change.

Pray for our strength.  And for a good night's sleep.

Hone in,

Oct 21, 2014

She's Over-Tired | Day 21

There isn't enough time in the day.

Maddie is so over-tired.  She's tired all the time it seems and it makes her cranky and whiny, understandably.  

We know she's not getting enough sleep so we're making some changes now to remedy that.  Part of the problem is her bed time.  It's 9pm.  I know that is incredibly late for a toddler her age.  I don't want to make excuses, but as working parents it's as if you don't have enough time in the day once you get home from work to play with, teach, cook, eat, bathe, etc., etc., etc. before it's time for bed.  In spite of that, we're planning to move her bed time to 8pm.  I'd planned to ease her into it, over the next couple of weeks, starting yesterday.  But she was so tired, saying, "Mommy, I'm sleepy" several times around 7:30pm so we just went up then, did our routine and she was out without a fuss.  That's how I know she was incredibly tired.

Another issue is the fact that she's still getting up in the middle of the night to make her way to our room.  It's a horrible habit that we've allowed since she moved out of her crib and it's going to be incredibly hard to break.  Nonetheless, it must be done.  Breaking up her sleep like that to come to our room certainly isn't helping her get the rest she needs.  So, we may have to lose some sleep over the next few weeks as we take her back to her room each night until she understands that coming to sleep with us is no longer an option.  I'm so not looking forward to this.

If you're a parent I'd love to hear how old your child is and what their bedtime is.  What does your bedtime routine look like?  I'm also curious to hear if anyone else is or has dealt with over-tired children or children with sleep issues in general.  What are some of the techniques you've used to remedy this issue?

Please share!

Hone in,

Oct 20, 2014

Writing | Day 20

To be honest, I'm a little tired of writing.  I've been doing so good though and I'm so close to completing the challenge of blogging every day for the month of October.  Writing every single day is draining.  Draining, I tell you!  I feel like I might have to go on another blogging hiatus after this. Planned this time, of course.  

Just kidding!

But I'm definitely ready to get back to a more manageable blogging schedule (i.e. 2-4 times/week).

Hopefully, I'll be able to see this challenge through to the end.
Just ELEVEN more days to go!

Hone in,

Studying | Day 19

I've started to study once more.  

I started studying this summer for a test I'm taking in December but stopped after a few weeks.  Last Thursday I finally applied for the exam and paid the $269 exam fee. Ouch!

Saturday I received confirmation that my application to sit for the exam was approved. Yippee!

Now it's time to get back down to business. As I've stated before, I'm a horrible test taker and there is too much at stake for me to not pass, so for the next few weeks my head will be stuck in several different auditing books, study guides, and sample exam questions.

I can't wait to get it over with.

Mario has been studying a lot too, by the way.  He's doing so well in school but missed two of his midterms due to the whole appendicitis thing so he's planning to catch up and knock those tests out this week (one of which he took today)!

We're both working towards doing things that we enjoy doing; taking the CQA exam (me) and getting another degree (Mario) are a couple of things on our list that will help us reach our goals.

May we be an example to Madison that learning, achieving and improving should never end!

Hone in,

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