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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Face

My mom would make a face.  The pursed lips face.  The face in this picture (that I use to make my own personal memes to share with my friends). 

My mom made this face when she was irritated, disgusted, wanted my brothers and I to stop, to be quiet, you name it. Everyone in my family knows about this face my mother made. We would laugh and joke about this face.

I now make this face! 

Like, I seriously use this face for the same reasons she used it.  Recently at dinner, Maddie did something that warranted "the face". She then says, "mama, are you mad? You're making that this!" *she makes the face*

Y'all, I could not stop laughing!!! I'm becoming my mother and I'm not at all mad about it!

I miss her, and I can't stop thinking about her (probably b/c her birthday is on Friday).  So, as memories surface I'll share them.

P.S.  I've missed y'all and blogging too.  Hello, friends!


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