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Saturday, March 09, 2019

Madison - Age 7

Madison turned 7 years old last month.  We celebrated with balloons, a few gifts, lots of candy and a trip to the skating rink with her best friend.  It was enough to get a "best day EVER" comment out of her, so I count the day a success!  She truly isn't hard to please, and it's one of the many things I love about her.

She's grown so much over this past year and I'm loving the maturity that comes with this age.  We get to talk about so many different things now that she can truly articulate how she feels and what she thinks about any given subject.  I imagine we'll be the best of friends as she continues to age, similarly as I was with my mom, and not in the way that's too comfortable or crosses parent/child boundaries, but in a way that allows for us to be close and allows for her to feel safe coming to me to talk about anything.

It's such an exciting age and I wanted to share what I shared about her on social media here, for the sake of posterity...

"Madison is the type of girl who’s almost too smart for her own good, because she’s clever, funny and snarky, and I LOVE that about her so much.
  • She’s the type of girl who makes friends wherever she goes and loves being surrounded by people, especially ones she loves.
  • She’s the type of girl you’ll find with her nose stuck in a book 📚 ; sneaking to read them in bed at night when she’s supposed to be sleep.
  • The type of girl who has a wild imagination and writes 📝 vivid short stories that leave me in awe of her, and her potential.
  • The kind of little girl who’s sensitive and kind, and can feel when something is wrong and somehow knows what to do or say to lift your spirits.
  • The type of girl who’s confident and carefree, who believes in unicorns and magic, and already knows she can do anything (and thinks she knows everything, lol).
She’s the type of girl that makes parenting feel easy, and we’re beyond blessed to call her our girl!  Wishing our sweet, beautiful girl the happiest 7th birthday. You’re our everything, and we love you more than anything 💗!!"
As always, Live Fully
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