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Friday, October 07, 2016

10 Ways your Husband Can Help You More

Oftentimes, the wife "runs" the home and takes on the bulk of the housework. This can be taxing and lead to burnout when the load isn’t shared, especially when children are added to the equation. Below are ten simple ways that your husband can and should be contributing.

Grab Groceries
If you usually do all of the grocery shopping, give yourself a break by creating a shopping list and passing it on to your husband to grab. 

Make Dinner
Even if you are usually the one preparing all of the meals there should still be a handful of meals that your husband is good at making. If not, help him to learn a few tried and true dinners that he can quickly whip up when you need a break from this task.   Also, if the weather is nice, cooking on the grill should be something that he is able to do at least once/week! 

Help with Laundry
Laundry is one of the seemingly never ending tasks. It’s definitely a load off when someone else either takes over or lends a hand. If this isn’t a chore that you want to fully relinquish at times, simply have him help you fold and put the laundry away. This time together is perfect in that you not only get something done but it’s an opportunity for you two to communicate about any and everything as well. 

Tidy Up (15 min.)
You’d be surprised at how much a person can get done in 15 minutes. Have your husband set a 15 minute timer on his phone and ask that he use that time to tidy up as much as he can around the house. He can pick up after the children, put dishes away, sweep or vacuum an area, wipe off table(s), put recently bought groceries away, take out the trash, you name it. His competitive nature might even kick in the more he does this which will make him better at this than you eventually. It’s a win-win! 

There are some things you know you don’t like to clean. Designate those items to your husband. Don’t control how or when he cleans those items (unless they get unbearably filthy, of course) as they are his to own permanently. This could include cleaning toilets, cleaning out the sink and tub drains, cleaning out the refrigerator, periodically cleaning trash cans stained with food, you name it. Do yourself a favor and let the things that feel burdensome to do or those that gross you out be his thing to manage going forward. 

Schedule Appointments
Are you that person that schedules practically everything for your family; dental/doctor appointments, play-dates, confirming your attendance at event(s), etc.? If so, your husband can make these accommodations as well. Be sure that he’s not only scheduling his own appointments but that he’s in charge of making sure some of the kid’s events are scheduled as well. A shared calendar is critical so that both you and your spouse know what days are free and what/when appointments/events have been made. 

Play w/ Child(ren)
This should be a given, but sharing this task isn’t always the case. Make sure that your husband is making time for your children specifically to play with them. Yes, your husband may be very present in the lives of your children, teaching, disciplining and guiding them. However, taking the time to get down on their level and play (especially after a long, hard day) takes effort. 

Ready Child(ren) for Bed
Your husband should know your children’s bedtime routine just as well as you do. Children crave structure. So, if there’s a bath, then a story, followed by loads of kisses and a goodnight prayer, then he should be able to do his own thing while sticking to the “plan” to some degree. 

Let You Nap
This comes into play more so when children are in the picture. Napping can be incredibly rejuvenating, especially if you’re one of those people that can never seem to get enough sleep at night. Naps should take less than an hour (much less, if we’re being honest). So, have your husband take the kids off your hand for at least an hour, go somewhere in the house where they can’t get to you (even better if he takes them out of the house), get comfortable and drift away. 

Provide a “Day Off”
Every woman needs time to herself to simply be. No wifely, motherly, homemaking responsibilities, etc. should even cross your mind. Take a day, ever so often, to focus on you and only you. I always say, when you take care of yourself you’re better equipped to take care of others. Remind your husband of this fact and let him completely take over for the day while you’re out of sight and out of mind on your day off from being anything more than just a woman!

What are some things you'd add to this list?

Be Intentional,
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  1. As a husband myself, I can confirm that the above requests are not unreasonable. My wife and I split most things 50/50. Today was my turn to get up with the baby at 5am while she got a little extra sleep.

  2. Ugh, I would love if my hubby to be would just help tidy up a little more. But he does a lot of things that I never do, like mow the lawn, fix random things throughout the house, and get oil changes for our vehicles.

  3. My husband is currently in medical school and it requires a lot of time hidden away with his books. Still, he finds ways to do certain responsibilities. Trash is his duty. So is re-filling the Britta Filter and toilet paper rolls! I take on the things that take a bit longer as I have more time in my schedule at this point in our life!

  4. Hubs is currently on the A+ list since he does all of these...what I've found is that I need to do a better job with 'letting' him do them for me...

  5. My husband helps me out all the time. Without even having to ask him for it. He'll pick up the house when I'm busy trying to get some work done my computer. He'll cook dinner if I'm exhausted or not feeling up to it. Even if he's not hungry himself. He does all the grocery shopping because I can't stand it haha he'll do the dishes and laundry as well. I couldn't ask for a better husband.

    xo, Keating | Mimosas and Manicures

  6. I don't have a hubby but I agree about the 15 minute tidying session. I do that for my office at random moments throughout the day when I need to destress. It's amazing how quickly I can resurrect the surface of my desk when I'm focused!

  7. My husband is a good helper too.. LOl
    my husband is a good house husband ehehe.. he cook good..he clean the house he is the one taking care of my youngest during his day off..and bring her to sleep before leaving for work.. he even do the laundry specially when i'm pregnant..

  8. I love this list! My husband and I are recently married and he really does help when I give him tasks and he realizes he can do it.
    His main task is scheduling appointments and tidying up, but he absolutely hates laundry!


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