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Thursday, October 24, 2013

NC State Fair

We went to the fair over the weekend and had a good time that ended with us all rather irritated!  But still a good time, nonetheless...

Maddie was not a fan of the clown.

Lesson 1:  Toddlers still need strollers.
Lesson 2:  Toddlers should get their daily nap in PRIOR to going to the fair.

So basically it was our own fault...but overall the time there was pretty enjoyable! We met one of my best friends, Mionna, and her family there and most of the day was full of fun...

We ate first, of course :)!

Hello :)! We may or may not all have on purple tops that I may or may not have done on purpose.

Finally found my friend and her family (Madison having fun w/ Kaneesha) ...the fair was packed! 

Let's just pause for a moment and talk about how my husband had way too much fun on this kiddie roller coaster at the fair!  Please click on the photo to enlarge...I really want you to see the full effect of his excitement!  Got to love his spirit! #kidatheart

We ended the trip on the carousel.  Can I just point out that whenever the hubs takes photos with my camera they come out like this (i.e. not as crisp)...hence, why I'm hardly in photos since I don't let him take pictures.  Just goes to show that it's not just the fancy camera, it's the person behind it that makes a difference too...sorry babe, I'm just saying ;)!

Do you always visit your state or county fair?!?  We do!




  1. Maddie looked like she had fun! I used to go every year but haven't been there in over 3 years now, I believe. It's expensive and we choose to spend the money on a family vacay or other amusement park. We may take the kids once they get older :)!

  2. That photo of your husband is too funny! We actually go to the Kentucky State Fair every year even though we live in Indiana. My in-laws live in Louisville where the fair is held and get free tickets almost every year so we not only get in free, but also have a free place to stay. The Indiana State Fair is in Indianapolis, which is three hours and a time zone away. I would love to go there sometime though!

  3. I love this cause it is so real to life. Fun mixed in with irritating moments. Especially when one has a kiddo. And I love your tips (stroller and nap)! For sure!!!

  4. I love the purple tops!! Glad to know I'm not the only one that wants our family coordinating ;) Glad you guys had a good time!!!

  5. Well that looked like fun. Great pictures ( if I may say so myself) And young lady, I wil NOT have yu talking about my child like that LOL LOL !!! I know he's a kid at heart. You guys looked cute in your purple, my favorite color.
    ~~~ Love you guys


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