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Monday, October 21, 2013


Random Photo: Walking across the street to the entrance of the NC State Fair over the weekend.

The funny thing about dreams is that there is no guarantee that they’ll come true.  But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't write them down and strive to reach them.

Nonetheless, exposing yourself and inner thoughts and aspirations like this can be a bit nerve wrecking and frightening even.  What if people judge me? What if I change my mind? What if they don’t come true?!?

But, I never want fear (of judgment, failure, etc.) to dictate our lives.  II Timothy 1:6 states:  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  And, oftentimes we underestimate our ability to achieve and overestimate our probability of failing.

With that said, we’re sharing our key dreams in hopes that the Lord will bless us to see them through, if it be in His will:

·         Pay our mortgage off by age 40.  I’ve calculated how much more we need to put towards the principle each month to make this a reality.  It will definitely take some discipline and sacrificing here and there but it’s totally doable!  We’ve got ~12 years to make it happen :)!

·         -Gift our children with $30,000 on their 25th birthday as a graduation/coming of age gift towards a new house and/or wedding (when that time comes).  I pray that we will have taught them how to make good financial decisions and use the money wisely to do both, if not more…although I recognize that $30,000 then will not be nearly as worth as much as it is now!   At any rate, this means that we have to save $100/month for every year of their lives up to that it’s also very doable.  I’m still claiming a little boy the next go round so I can close up this baby making shop and only have to do this for two :)!  By the way, we’re not paying for their college education…I suppose I’ll explain why in another post some day!

·         Become business owners.  We’re still praying about what that business might be but we definitely have it in us to be great and do great things, and I believe that being in business for ourselves (even if it’s something small on the side) is a part of that!

·         I love to cook and I’m discovering that I love to stage our food and photograph it even more!!!  I’d love to learn, and master, food photography, or photography in general, and have some of my photos/work featured on a top website/blog/magazine.  It’s slowly becoming a passion of mine!

·         Mario would love to be a basketball coach and reach to the highest level possible in this field.  He has such a passion for this sport and I pray for this dream of his without ceasing!

·         We want our child(ren) to be cultured and compassionate!  We pray that we are always able to provide them with access and exposure to good education, challenging athletics (i.e. fencing, tennis, volleyball, rugby, etc.) and extracurricular activities (i.e. ballet, piano, violin, etc.).  We also hope to travel with them often and build traditions that will cultivate intelligent, well-rounded individuals who truly believe that giving is receiving, that they have a purpose, that they can make a difference and that they can do anything!

·         Travel! To Hawaii, Italy, France (Eiffel Tower, Louvre), Spain, London, Germany, Ireland…and the list goes on!  We could easily decide that we’re going to wait until retirement to do this since we've already started a family and have plenty of responsibilities.  But, life is worth so much more than work, money, and all that those two things bring about.  If I haven’t learned anything else over the past couple of years I've definitely learned that life is short.  So we've decided that every five years of our marriage we’ll travel to one (or more) of these locations on our anniversary.  I think that’s quite reasonable and it gives us plenty of time to budget for each trip as well.  We’re actually going to Hawaii next year as a part of our couple’s bucket list but our first five year anniversary trip will be to Paris, France  in 2017!  I’m already researching where to go and what to do and working on getting the hubsters passport! Very exciting stuff!!!

What are your dreams?!?

I got the courage to share my dreams after seeing Molly share her dreams {here
and Katelyn share her dreams {here}!




  1. I'd love to travel to France and everywhere else!!!! :)

  2. I love your goals! I definitely want to travel too, and we'll be going to Europe in 2 years for our 5 year wedding anniversary and I can't wait!


  3. I think you can definitely accomplish all of these. You and Mario are fantastic. I love the "teach our children to be cultured and compassionate" one. Definitely agree!

    Love that picture!!!

  4. Fabulous goals! I love what you have to say about travel.

  5. Solid list! And they are all things that are totally doable with hard work and persistence.

  6. I love each and every one of these goals and think with the attitude and plan you have going in, you will succeed-110%! This is a fantastic post and I thank you for sharing it. Oh, and the random pic...priceless!


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