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Monday, September 30, 2013

Favorite Things - September

The month of September has been a fine month indeed, full or growth, fun and a little bit of exhaustion since we've been so busy :).  Here are a few of my favorite moments of the month...

ONE - Getting dressed to impress for Mario's 10 year High School Reunion! I hope to share some of the details later this week but know that we had such an amazing time...and looked great while doing it ;)!

TWO - Purging!  Maddie recently turned 19 months old and it was starting to show with her clothes.  I spent this weekend buying new, bigger items, packing things to store just in case the next one is a girl and packing the rest to take to Goodwill.

THREE - Babysitting my little cousin, Poppy (Tasha's son)! I really enjoy watching him and Madison interact.  He's such a boy and he makes Mario and I long for a son every time!
 Toddler "Jenga" - How high can you stack the blocks without them falling down.

FOUR - Fall is here! Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.  Fall because of it's fashion and comfort food.  Yummy soups and sweet treats.  In addition to apple crisps, cakes and cookies, I also see pecan, sweet potato and apple pie in my future...and I am not ashamed!

FIVE - Potatoes! Speaking of comfort food...I made this simple dish over the weekend.  Tune in on Wednesday for the recipe!
Baked Potato Casserole

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  1. This is lovely!! I do a monthly faves and I almost forgot to do it LOL! Thanks for the reminder!

    I have 2 bags FULL of clothes from both of my children that I just went through. Goodness. Off to the Goodwill today I go!

    That baked potato casserole looks heavenly! I pinned it!

  2. I've been drooling over that casserole since I saw the picture. Can't wait for Wednesday ;)

  3. I get so sad when I have to put away more of my little guy's clothes! Can't they just stay little forever?!

  4. Yummy! The thing I love most about fall is the foods! We are going apple picking this weekend - can't wait!

  5. I've been in the mood for purging too! I spent Saturday morning going through our closet and getting rid of things we didn't wear all summer. Oh, bring on the comfort food! Apple crisp and chili are 2 of my favorite fall dishes! Happy last day of September!

  6. I So enjoyed this post! First off, you look(ed) super fabulous for the hubby's 10 year reunion! With regards to purging, the hubby and I did the same thing for the kids and wow, we were amazed at how much "stuff" they had accummulated that was ready to be trashed, given away to family or goodwilled! The kids' rooms are so organized now though. I don't know if I have a favorite season but you've given great reasons for picking Fall/Spring as your favs. I'm looking forward to some pecan pie :)!

  7. Good post. I enjoyed reading it and getting ideas for desserts. I also have been cleaning out my closet of items that I thought I was going to wear and getting ready for another SWAP party.

  8. Look at those adorable cousins!!! And all this amazing food you've been posting lately makes me want to just show up on your doorstep sometime soon. Glad it's been a great month!!

  9. I love everything about this post!! 1. It's great that you and Mario were able to go to his reunion to get all dressed up and have a good time together! You both looked great! 2. With this move, I've been purging's so hard to get rid of things because you can always find a reason to keep it! 3. Maddie is getting sooo big!! Goodness gracious. It's great that her and her cousin can be close. That's a lifelong relationship that can never fade!! 4. I really need to step my baking game up...but there's no need b/c Chris seems to always be on a diet and it's no fun doing all that cooking for one person! 5. And you know I love potatoes!! You might have to send that recipe to me before Wednesday...I'm just looks delicious!!! And you must have forgotten to post birthday! :-)

  10. Oh yeah! Maddie and Pop are adorable!!! :) He was saying her name when we left, so cute! I need that toddler Jenga set...Christmas present..hmmm!

  11. We have some of the same favorite things: Fall, potatoes, purging! Yeah!


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