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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A PERFECT Fall day!

Yesterday was the perfect day to sit around the house without getting out of bed or bathing even.  I did bathe :) but I didn't step a foot outside.  I turned the heat on the night before in anticipation of a cool / rainy day and woke up with homemade soup on the brain!

My choices...Chili or Creamed Chicken and Corn soup from my Pinterest boards here and here!

I've tried them both already and they are both easy and delicious crockpot (my favorite kitchen appliance) recipes which is perfect when you're trying to have a lazy day.

I eventually decided to go with the chicken based soup since my husband loves all things chicken.  I threw the ingredients in the crockpot and was able to "set it and forget it" until dinner time. So while it cooked, I snuggled up with my hubby and baby girl and did absolutely nothing all day!

About 3.5 hrs later dinner was ready and I made grilled cheese sandwiches on the side with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea / honey (also my fav!).  Now, I must admit, I didn't follow the recipe exactly as our household is currently under a spending freeze for the month of October (go here for details!). So, I had to use what was available in the kitchen.  Where the recipe called for whole kernel corn, I had to add an additional can of creamed corn and since I didn't have any celery I added one small can of cream of celery soup.  I didn't add the bacon just because it's an unnecessary use of pork, in my opinion, but I did add a bit of cheddar cheese on top because I love all things dairy.  I must say, with these changes it turned out quite well and I can assure you that my husband didn't notice the difference!

What's even better is the amount of leftovers this recipe makes which means I'm off duty in the kitchen today (YES!).  When I had a bowl for lunch, I poured a cup of the soup over 1/2 a cup of leftover white rice (no wasting due to the spending freeze) and it was absolutely wholesome and delicious!!!  

To top things off, I made brownies last night served with vanilla ice cream on top while they were still um yum!

Talk about the perfect ending to the perfect day!!!  I think I'll have a brownie now ;)!


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