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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Oui to Me | Small Moments. Big Impact.

Thank you, Oui by Yoplait, for sponsoring this post. 
Take time for yourself and try the all-new, French Style yogurt.  It's deliciously thick with a subtly sweet, fresh taste and is made with simple, non-GMO ingredients.
Since we've been back from our anniversary trip to Paris, we've been busier than ever. We're in the thick of an extremely hot summer, several changes are occurring at work, and I'm trying to prepare my five-year-old to start kindergarten in the fall while chasing after my one-year-old who has literally learned to run these past few weeks. And, all of this while trying to keep that anniversary romance going that was sparked during our time in Paris. With everything that we have going on in our lives, it's so easy for me to give myself the short end of the stick if I'm not being mindful.

One thing therapy has taught me is I can't let my Type-A, go-getter, if it needs to be done I'm the one to do it, attitude be at the forefront at all times. I've definitely learned the importance of self-care over the past couple of years, but I've found myself always approaching it in a big way (e.g., spa day, shopping spree, a weekend away, etc.). What I've needed to really grasp is how to steal away for small me-moments throughout the week, the more the better. 

So, this summer, I've really been making an effort to not only take a lunch break but to also force myself to take an afternoon break. There is a man-made water feature, over a quarter of a mile long, that flows down the center of the beautiful campus where I work. I've found the sound of it to be so very soothing. Last year, hammocks were installed not too far from the artificial river and I seem to gravitate to them each day.
I now spend small, me-moments in a hammock or at a table near the river just soaking in the sun, reading a few pages of a book or doing an easy crossword puzzle while enjoying a quick snack. I usually opt for a snack with a bit of protein as it helps to hold me over until dinner, and right now I'm loving the all-new French style yogurt, Oui (pronounced "wee" = "yes" in French) by Yoplait! How fitting after a recent trip to Paris, right?! It's thick, creamy, and delicious with just a hint of sweetness to curb my sweet tooth. I love how it's cultured in a recyclable glass pot that I can up-cycle in so many ways.
Coconut has turned out to be my favorite flavor, but there are eight single-serve flavors available, including flavors like Strawberry that have real fruit on the bottom. I picked up several jars of the yogurt from Walmart to last me through the work week.
This week, I challenge you to take a moment to yourself throughout the day. Every day, if possible. Stop by Walmart and grab a few jars of Yoplait's newest yogurt, Oui, as a reminder to say "oui to me", and do something quick and easy that you really enjoy. Color, journal, meditate, or just relax, so long as you're doing something that's independent of others. It doesn't have to take long, it doesn't have to be extravagant, it just has to be about you. 

I promise you, small me-moments truly can make a big impact, especially when done consistently.

This post is sponsored by Oui by Yoplait. I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.

Live well,

xoxo, Nicole


  1. Oui time is the perfect statement of me time. I believe so many of us realize how important self care is now and taking it by any means necessary. I enjoy the small moments and the big ones too. And I love French style yogurt so I need to grab some of this ASAP.

  2. I've never seen this yogurt! It is adorable! It reminds me of the little jars of yogurt that I would get when I was in Paris. Must find these!!!

  3. That yogurt looks yummy! I need to get better at finding "me" moments!

  4. I've never heard of this product before, I will have to try it out for myself. I like the idea of laying in a hammock with a good book. If we don't take time for ourselves, things begin to get more overwhelming.

  5. This looks amazing. I've never heard of this product before!

  6. Sooo great that you went to Paris for your anniversary! I love Paris. It always seems so beautiful!

  7. YUM! I didn't even realize there were different styles of yogurt -- i just thought it was Greek and Regular? LOL this looks delish, I'm totally gonna have to try!


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