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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

30 Things I'm Sure Of


I've been looking forward to age thirty for quite some time.  I use to have my life all planned out.  I just knew that I wouldn't get married before age thirty.  I didn't want children before age thirty-two/thirty-three.  I wanted to be a strong, independent woman who was fully focused, in control, and career driven.

Then, life happened in the best kind of way.  I didn't view it as such at the time.  I felt like I'd failed at life.  That because I didn't follow the path I had set for myself, didn't do things in a particular order, and didn't take the straight and narrow "road to success" that society suggests should be taken, that I'd managed to ruin my life somehow.  It took me a while to relax, relinquish my control and realize who's the author and finisher of my life.  That God's plan is so much better than my own.  I'm finally settling into this life, learning to live life for me, and so much happier because of it!  

This new decade of my life feels like the beginning of a new journey that I've been thinking about for so very long, and so far there are a few things that I've come to know for sure...
  1. Caffeine is needed to survive.
  2. are pretty flowers.
  3. Life is fleeting.
  4. Happiness is a choice.
  5. Unhappiness signals a need for change.
  6. Knowing what you want is a game-changer.
  7. No longer settle.
  8. Networking is important, but building real relationships is vital.
  9. Always negotiate.  Ask for what you want (and deserve).
  10. Marriage takes constant work.
  11. Raising child(ren) is hard.  You don't have to say rewarding; it's a given.
  12. Your circle of friends gets smaller; better.
  13. Times flies as you get older; spend it wisely.
  14. Trust is earned and nearly impossible to regain when broken.
  15. Have fun. Try new things. Travel.  
  16. Read constantly; keep acquiring knowledge and improving yourself.
  17. Make memories worth remembering.
  18. Live life instead of just getting through it.
  19. Inconsiderate people and inefficient people are the worst.
  20. Meetings are almost always unproductive.
  21. Complaining solves nothing but makes you feel better.
  22. Crying sometimes is necessary and good for you.
  23. Comparison is the thief of joy.
  24. Follow your heart, find your passion, and do what you love.
  25. Trust yourself.
  26. Be confident and value yourself.
  27. Invest in yourself.
  28. Everyone is struggling with something. Be kind.
  29. Love is everything.
  30. Seek, trust and depend on God!

What are some things you're sure of now that you're old(er)?!

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  1. Number 4 and Number 30 are words I live by. I think you create your own happiness in life. Speaking as someone who has struggled with severe depression at was up to me to pull myself through it

  2. A lot of these same things. I've learned to really trust myself, to know how I am, and to be confident in the that. If you don't like it...I could care less!! I feel like that attitude has propelled my confidence to heights I could never imagine.

  3. "Comparison is the thief of joy." This becomes clearer to me by the day. I actually had a mini breakdown the other day because I was wondering why I couldn't have the lives my friends were living - traveling, partying, splurging. I deserve to live my life full of joy, and I just have to trust that everything will happen for me in God's timing. Thanks for this post.

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes to all of these! My new mantra in life is what is meant to be will be. I'd rather look at things that way instead of getting upset when life does happen the way I plan it.

  5. Great things to be learned...AT ANY AGE! Love this post. Thanks for sharing and get ready for the flirty thirties! :D

  6. These are beautiful lessons to learn. I'm turning 29 in a few months, and I, like you, had my whole life planned out of where/how I thought I'd be. Well, my plan was different than God's. And that's more than ok. I love your list and it's definitely something to refer back to. :)

  7. Love love love these lessons! For me I now know that you should always go for the iced coffee and frozen yogurt. Listen to your inner voice that says you can do anything you want. Thanks for the reminders =)

  8. I didn't use to believe it but I am believing more and more than true happiness is a choice. There is a difference between being content and being happy! I love all of the 30 points! Great post, as always :)

  9. Love this!! I turned 30 earlier this year and these lessons are still very practical for me!! I love #23, Comparison is the thief of joy! Always downhill after that. I find myself more confident and willing to place myself first and also to know my worth and to accept or not accept certain things!

    Great Post!


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