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Sunday, May 17, 2015

An Ode to my Husband on his 30th Birthday

Going forward, I'll officially start to refer to you as my "old man" in conversation! As thirty approached, I listened during pillow talk as you second guessed yourself and what you've done with the life you've been given, and was simply thankful for reaching this age. I won't paint the picture of you as a perfect man, because I know your failings and faults better than anyone :), but I want you to know that in my eyes you're one incredible man who has accomplished much! You've achieved so much more than you give yourself credit for, and the fact that you feel the way you do lets me know that you're going to keep pushing to do even more.

For the past decade (yes, decade), I've watched you transition from this cute, indifferent boy with an adorable smile to this incredibly handsome, focused man, husband and father. Your willingness to work hard and provide for your family has never gone unnoticed! Just this year I've watched you work tirelessly to pursue your dreams so that you can "make a better life for your family", as if you haven't provided us with such a good, full life already. I hope you know that all I'll ever really need from you is you.

This past decade will always be one of your best; it's the one that led you to an amazing wife and beautiful child after all ;). But, I'm looking forward to watching your continual growth and seeing where you lead our family during this next decade. May it be even greater than you can imagine (I Corinthians 2:9). I love you more than words can express, old man! I thank God so very much for your life, and for sending you to find me! 

Happy 30th Birthday, love!!!



  1. This is beautiful! Hope he knows how much you love and appreciate him😊

  2. This is such an awesome tribute to your husband! I love it!


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