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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Fair | Day 27

We made our way to the NC State Fair yesterday.  We only rode on two rides (because fair rides just aren't safe) and tried some new food (elephant ears being our new favorite) and just enjoyed the time among friends.

Of course I always manage to get some cute pictures of my two loves.  
Maddie is always camera ready ;).  

I hate that I'm always the photographer and never in the pictures.  So here is a shot of me with the girl too.  BUT...the hubs has yet to learn how to work my DSLR. #shameful :)

It's cute though!

The weekend was long and eventful but I wouldn't trade the fun we had these past few days for anything.

Hone in,



  1. Aww Man! It's been a year already?! The weather was perfect for it. Looks like you guys had a beautiful time. I'm loving the pics!

  2. Those fair rides really are scary! The boys went on the monster truck one (of course), and the little 4 wheeler one. Looks like y'all had a great time!


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