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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Festival | Day 25

Before I'd even asked I knew that Maddie wanted to be a princess for Halloween this year.  She's been calling herself a princess ever since we bought this pink dress and we've had many an argument about her being able to wear it as often as she likes.  Nonetheless, she made my life easy this year by asking to wear this dress and be a princess.  "Call me, Princess Madison!", she said, as I got her dressed today.  

I just had to buy a crown, wand and bucket (all costing me less than $4) to complete the look!  She was too excited...and too cute, I might add.

We went to the fall festival at her school today and stayed just long enough for her to play in every area, tire her out and get her home relatively close to nap time.  There was SO much to do and the turnout (i.e., opportunity for adult conversation while your kids do whatever) was GREAT! We ate, we were merry and we're looking forward to the next fall festival at Victory church, and taking her around the neighborhood this year to trick-or-treat!

Happy Halloween already!

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