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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

31 Days of #HoningIn

This month I’ll be participating in The Nester’s Write 31 Days series. For the next 31 days, I plan to attempt to write about one topic and I've chosen to write about #HoningIn.  I want to hone in on all things I deem important over the next few weeks.

hone in. --- 1. To move or advance toward a target or goal. Often used with on. 
2. To direct one's attention; focus. 
-The American Heritage College Dictionary, Fourth Edition, 2004

***I want to hone in on my time with God.  She Reads Truth makes this easy.  I've just got to put more effort into getting up in the morning earlier so that I don't feel like I'm rushing through my time with God.

***I want to hone in on my husband.  He's back at NC State full time obtaining another degree.  He has a lot on his plate right now and I want to make sure that he doesn't get overwhelmed.  

***I want to hone in on Madison.  She's a sponge!  Sometime I'm too tired when I get home and I feel that I don't give her enough attention.  I want to be more intentional about spending time with her.

***I want to hone in on running.  This one is a bit simple. I just want to stick to the couch to 5k program that I'm doing with a small group from Victory Church, led by my talented Aunt-T, who blogs over at Lovely You.  We're planning to do a 5k in November and it's my first so I'm very excited but need to stay committed.

***Lastly, I'm taking a test in December to become a Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) through the American Society of Quality (ASQ).  It's a huge deal to me and I'm a horrible test taker so I need to hone in on studying. I know I can do it!

Now that it's all typed out it feels like some sort of new years resolution.  But it's not. I don't think :). I'm really just trying to be more intentional about focusing on things that are important to me, building a solid routine over the next few weeks as fall fully emerges and setting the tone to finish out the year strong!

This should be interesting and challenging, I haven't blogged consistently since I started back working.  Follow along or join me if you will!

Hone in,

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