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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hair Washing

Washing Madison's hair is such a chore.
She doesn't like it, I don't like doing it, and there is usually crying involved
by at least one of us at some point.
Luckily, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make her laugh once the whole ordeal is over...
 But I'm curious as to what other parents are doing to make the hair washing process easier for their children.
I usually wash her hair once per week.  She loves bath time and I have a hard time getting her out when we're all done.  So if we can get this hair thing down we'd be in business.  Perhaps this is one of those things that won't get better until she's older but I welcome any tips you can provide anyway!




  1. oh this is what i feared, i wanted a girl so bad but if she has hair like i did growing up, it will be a job. My mom had a time just untangling my hair. Boys are so easy, just cut it off.

    BTW, your daughter is growing so beautifully!!

  2. Well…I have boys…so their hair is a ton easier. I do it in about 2 seconds (Walker usually hates it)!

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  4. No Kids here. how about washing her hair in sections? there are blogs for moms with curly hair kids and they share tons of hair tips..

    Cute posts by the way.


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