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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Favorite Things {August}

The month of August has been quite lovely for us after a pretty stressful, trying July!  We've actually had a bunch of amazing things happen to us back to back.  So here are just a few of my favorite things from August...

ONE - This beautiful, witty, little girl turning a year and a half (woot)!!!

TWO - Starting my new job and really enjoying it thus far!

THREE - Getting my car fixed (it was parked in our driveway for about 2+ months).

FOUR - Being taken out to lunch (I'm talking free, people) several times over the past two weeks since I started my new job (yeah, congrats to me)!

FIVE - Cutting off all my hair and LOVING it!

I took this photo after I crawled out of bed and simply ran my fingers through my hair...brilliant!

SIX - Yesterday was my first PAYDAY in quite some time!!!

I'm so about to start jamming to {this} again!

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  1. Love it! Your little BIG girl is too cute. Love the new hair cut! I am short hair too! yea for paydays! they sure are nice.

  2. How sweet that Maddie wants to share with her doll!! Wow, a year and a half already. Congrats on going back to work and getting paid =)


    1. I thought so too so I just had to share! I can't believe she's 18 months either!

      Thanks again, dear!!!

  3. Awwww your daughter is SO cute! And your hair too.

  4. Holy cannoli, your hair looks fabulous!! Super fun and sassy!

    1. Thanks, lady, I'm totally in love with it!!!

  5. Your hair is so amazing!! But I've already told you that...and I"ll probably tell you again :-) That is really nice that people are taking you out to lunch! You definitely deserve that. I can't get enough of that sweet Maddie girl!


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