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Monday, April 15, 2013

Thinking of Daddy...

I'm sure you know by now that I'm a stay at home mom! Sometimes I forget how much of a blessing this is.  I forget how awesome it is to be able to capture every little moment with my girl (even the tiring, frustrating ones :))!  More importantly I forget that my husband doesn't have that privilege.

Mario is out providing for us each and every day.  Some days are long and some weeks are even longer and quite frankly I really don't know how he does it. I'm beyond appreciative for Mario and what he does for us and I pray that I do a good job of showing him my appreciation!

It wasn't until I started blogging that I began to literally capture every little moment with our girl.  I take several pictures of us all throughout the day so that I'll have several different photos to choose from.  It didn't really hit me until last week, when I took photos of me and the girl playing outside with chalk, how important capturing these moments would be for him!

I thought back to how he'll sit and go through my camera roll laughing at different pictures or videos I've taken and asking me what was going on here and what were we doing there.  It didn't even occur to me how important it is for me to capture our days so that he could relish in the moments in some sort of way too!

So here I am thinking my blog is meant for sharing our story and connecting with others and so on and so forth, which it is...but I'm constantly discovering that it's so much more than that because it forces me to think differently about how I go about doing things!

Although I don't want to have my camera in my hand at all times and I truly believe in keeping some moments just for us as a family, I also finally see the importance of capturing as many moments as I can, not just for me but for "Daddy" to see as well!!!

I hope this motivates you to do the same!


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  1. Hey Nicole. I completely forgot how I found your blog, but it's so cute! It's so encouraging to see mothers who choose to be SAHMs and take the time to enjoy and savor the experience. I just started blogging and hope that you will visit me as well. Continue enjoying this season of your life!


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