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Monday, February 04, 2013

Monthly Measures #2 - Gym Membership

Monthly Measures {#2}

I joined a gym (Life Time Fitness) last month!

Yeah, I'm trying to look like her, hair, sweat, muscles and all {via}

You're probably like..say what?!?  Yeah, I'm shocked too!

If you don't already know, I really, and I mean really, did not like working out, like for real, for real. I always felt like it was pure torture! Like who would want to do this to themselves willingly and regularly. I'm sure you get my point but I'm just trying to express how much I loathed working out without using the word husband said I needed to stop saying how much I hate it so much, so consider his request done. But I guess I sort of told you that I hated it with this whole rant and all.  But hey, I used past tense (AHA!).
Now, for many reasons, I'm crazy motivated to get fit and stay fit for the rest of my life!!!

Too much, no?!?

But seriously, health is important! I've always known that. I've always longed to be the kind of person that looooved working out and loooved eating healthy but that just wasn't me and still isn't, if we're being honest here.  But, it's something that I am now willing to work hard towards.  I'm sure it has a lot to do with my mom and my new little family.  Everything is centered around those things lately, whether consciously or unconsciously, but I digress...

The fact that I have a gym membership is huge for several reasons:
-After seven (yes seven) years of hearing how much I hated loathed exercising the hubs was actually convinced that it was a great investment and that it wouldn't be a waste of money (big deal, people, BIG deal)!!!

-Speaking of investment, since we're dishing out cash, you can best believe I'll be taking advantage of the gym at every chance I get, so this body should be beach ready by my bday (that's June 19th for the gift-giver in you :))!

-My membership includes child care services 2 hrs / day.  Uh, can you say PERFECT! No more excuses in relation to Maddie (...shoot!).

-They have showers!  Yes, I shower everyday but it's a task to find that time so I usually have to wait until Mario gets home (at least if I want to enjoy it).  So workout days will be perfect because of this alone.  Workout first thing in the morning, shower there, I just might workout Mon-Fri because of this, yet another motivator!

-Lastly, they offer SO many classes (including training for marathons :)).  I SO need this because part of my problem is staying motivated.  I so need someone else alongside me for encouragement and support...hence this link-up!!!

I can finally say that I'm getting to a point where it's not so burdensome to work out.  I actually look forward to it, sort of, I guess :)!  I no longer feel like I'm dragging my body along with each step during my run and I'm no longer praying for the lady on my couch25k app to tell me it's time to do the cool down walk.  I'm feeling my abs and legs getting stronger and it all makes me want to keep moving forward because I can feel it all working! Isn't that such a good feeling?!?

Monthly Weigh-In: 153.0 lbs!
(I'll probably always hover around 150 lbs as I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight, but we'll see :))
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  1. Girl, I wish I had your motivation! You are phenomenal! I would love to look like her too! :) I am not so much worried with losing weight or dieting, but I would LOVE to feel healthy and energetic as I did in high school. You keep rocking! I will totally be your cheerleader!

    1. Oh Kayln, you're far too kind! Thank you so much! For me it's all about being healthy and full of energy as well. Thanks for cheering me on, I need it :)!!!

  2. Nicole, I'm so proud of you!!! Send some of that motivation down the road to me. I'm tried to make a life change too, but just can't get motivated to do it. Maybe I can vicariously work out with you LOL : ) Love you guys!!!

    1. Aww, thanks!!! It's not easy and I falter often, but the key is to keep trying! Love you so much too!!!

  3. Nicole, I too struggle with enjoying a work out. A gym membership is a great idea. My work out plan is mainly to increase my steps each day. Sometimes my husband and I play dance dance revolution. It's a good work out.

    1. Yes, Emily! Having the membership helps to motivate me to work-out (b/c I don't want to waste our money). I also got a Wii a while back so that I could use the Michael Jackson Experience as a workout! It really does get you moving and sweating like a workout!

  4. Go rock that gym girlie! I'm right there with you,working my butt off....hopefully :)

    Best of luck!

  5. My favorite part of having a gym membership is the classes. Have you taken any yet?

    1. I haven't, Ashley! I'm trying to make it through my couch25k program first before I jump into one. I don't want to overwhelm myself. But I'm very ready to start one!!!


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