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Monday, January 21, 2013

Communication through Actions

*This post was originally featured on Chelsea's blog {here} as a guest post*

As we all know, communication is key to any relationship, but communication through our actions is so much more powerful, especially as time goes on in the relationship and the newness fades away.  This is particularly important in marriage.

That's why I believe when it comes to the love we have for our partner it's SO important that we spend time showing our love just as much as we spend time expressing it through our words.  Here are a few tips on how you can show your love...

Kiss - Not just the "see you later" pecks in the morning or the "good night" smooch at night.  I'm talking about the intimate, I love you, need you, want you, kisses that were given when you first started dating.  Think back to the days when you'd 'make-out' for what seemed like hours and use those thoughts as your inspiration!

Hold hands - As often as you feel comfortable doing so, hold each other's hand.  When you're walking somewhere together, be it in the mall, into a restaurant, while you're waiting on your food, whenever, wherever possible, simply hold hands!

Hug - Embrace each other.  Often!  Can you think of the last time you've truly hugged your love one.  I'm talking about holding, squeezing and rubbing their back. A full blown, genuine hug.  If it's been a while then hug, hug, hug and do so like you mean it!  It's a good time to add in one of those intimate kisses too :)!

Look into each other's eyes - When you talk, when you're across the room, when you're lying in bed, make eye contact!  With all of the distraction's of modern technology it's easy to have a conversation while our face is in our phone, Ipad, etc.  By taking the time to look into each other's eyes, you show that you're listening and that you care about the conversation at hand. Looking into each other's eyes is such a simple way to show your partner that all of your attention is focused on them.

Sit close - Last but certainly not least, sit close! When you're at home sitting on the couch, at the movies, or even at a restaurant get close to each other.  It all boils down to touching each other as often as you can as studies show that touching has so many positive benefits.  So if you're close there is nothing stopping you from doing all of the things I mentioned above!!!

For more tips on marriage, see my post Still trying to Impress, where I discuss the importance of striving to continually impress your partner no matter how long you've been together.  I'd love to hear your feedback on all this!

Let me know how you try to communicate through actions!!!


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  1. Nicole, these are wonderful tips. They are timeless as well. You can implement any or all of these and get your desired result. It may take time if the relationship is a bit rocky, but being diligent is the key.


  2. This is awesome Nicole! Great tips and ones I plan to put into effect immediately! It's too easy to let life takeover but we MUST constantly pursue each other :)

  3. Nicole this is such great advice! Thank you!

    This is a lovely reminder of just how important it is to keep working at your marriage!!

    I'm really looking forward to following along with your blog! I actually stopped by here not long ago - but for some reason I must have got interrupted and didn't follow along!

    I'm so excited to be your newest follower!

    Aanika from

  4. Nicole, thank you so much for posting this! It's amazing how God works, as just last night, I was talking to my husband about a few of these things. We are working every day at keeping our marriage healthy and to keep communicating. I couldn't have read this post at a better time! Thanks again! :)


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