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Monday, December 10, 2012

Monthly Measures - 5K Plans...

This is the beginning of my journey...

As I mentioned last week I plan to run a 5K in 2013 (yay me...sike!).  I seriously went back and forth as to whether I would post that I'd be running for quite some time because in all honesty there's a huge chance that I'll quit!

Yeah, I said it, I might quit!!!  I hate using the word hate (it's so strong)...but I HATE (emphasis, emphasis, emphasis) working out!  But, I really want / need to get in shape and add tone / definition to my body.  So I am going to give it my best shot, as always!  Here is my current weight...

Yes, I'm being very transparent!

Now, I seriously thank God for providing us, women that is, with the ability to breastfeed as I contribute all of my weight loss after pregnancy to that alone!  I gained 42lbs (believe me, I know that's a lot!) while I was pregnant and I actually weigh less now than I did before I was real exercise involved, and by that I mean I have attempted to start a workout regimen about three times since having Maddie and it's lasted for a good week (sad, very sad...).  Here is what I look like now (12/10/12)...

Today  (12.10.12):  ~9 months after having Maddie (so be nice with your thoughts!)

I'll do my best to do a monthly progress report with my weight and photos (no promises)! To get started, I will be using a plan which I got from the Cool Running website. My running days will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and I plan to finally use my Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs (yeah, laugh if you must :)) to workout on Sundays.

I'll probably have to make modifications as I go considering that ever so often, if the weather is right, I might be jogging with my little ladybug :), I'm sure she'll enjoy it! Besides, I really need to fully utilize this jogging stroller...I did want it for this very reason after all!!!

So yeah, I will officially began running tomorrow (yikes!) and will try to keep you posted on every bit of this journey. Pray for, seriously, I need it!  As I mentioned before, I HATE exercising :)!!!

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  1. I did a similar running plan for my first 5K. It worked! I finished the race AND I hate working out as much as it sounds like you do :) You can do it!

  2. Good plan, I know how hard it is to sometimes follow through, but once you put something "out there" it makes it harder to quit! Good luck!

  3. I'm going to be thinking of you tomorrow, Nicole!!! There's no way I could run...ever!!

    I think you look fantastic, by the way. Can't wait to hear about your running adventures :-)

  4. I ran my first one over the summer. Doing another one in January :-)

  5. i run 15mins a day ;-)except i have a menstrualcycle.


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