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Friday, October 19, 2012

Likes / Dislikes...

Welcome to Likes / Dislikes!!!

I like to spend Friday's doing something fun so I figured I'd do something fun on my blog on Friday's as well! So every Friday I plan to give a few likes / dislikes of my cute little family...

Our very first family beach trip!

I don't like strawberries, or anything that ends with -berry for that matter, but strawberries in particular. Why, you ask? Because my grandpa gave me a bad one when I was a kid.

I don't like when people pronounce my new last name, Pharr, incorrectly (i.e. saying "par" instead of "far").  I mean really! I'm almost certain these same people pronounce phone, photo, physician (you get my drift)'s simple phonics (<---you like how I did that right?!?)!!!

Madison does not like green apples, probably because they tend to be a bit tart / sour / bitter (I never know which adjective to choose to describe it).

Madison does not like the sound of the vacuum cleaner or the blender like most babies her age.  She starts FREAKING out!

Mario isn't a fan of any type of nuts and believes that all men should feel the same (his words not mine)!

I LOVE Beauty and the Beast!  I use to have it on VHS (remember those? yeah! well you're either old or getting old, ha!).  It's my favorite Disney movie and I know it word for word, especially the songs.  I'm determined to make it Madison's favorite as well.  We watch it frequently (don't judge me).

I love all things dairy, especially cheese, even though I'm partially lactose intolerant. 

Madison LOVES bananas!!! She also likes avocado, squash and zucchini...yuck, yuck and yuck yet I still think she's going to be a picky eater (she has an issue with textures).

Madison likes the Map, Backpack and Click from Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go.  She doesn't pay much attention when those shows come on but when those characters appear she lights up with excitement.  It's too cute to see!

Mario LOVES chicken.  He can eat that stuff everyday.  As his personal chef wife it can be annoying, especially since I don't fry anything in this house so I'm always trying to find ways to reinvent the chicken, lol!

What are some things you like / dislike?!?


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