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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mobile Maddie :)

OMG!!! Madison Lynn Pharr is officially mobile!

So yeah, she's been doing what one of my friends calls the "bear crawl" for a few weeks now, where she's getting around by dragging herself with her forearms.  But today she officially started full-blown crawling (yayyy!!!).  It's so crazy because today another friend JUST said she was about to have a major milestone soon because she's been unusually whiny / fussy.

She was laughing for no apparent reason so I figured I'd grab my phone to capture that, then all of a sudden she starts coming towards me!!!  She's slobbering like crazy in this video but WHO CARES I captured the moment...OM-freaking-Gosh...

Cute right?!? Right!!!

On top of that, when I put the phone down, I must have hit the record button again right after hitting stop.  There is no picture b/c the phone is on the floor and I didn't know I was recording but you can clearly hear me all proud and excited...don't judge my mommy voice / talk!!!

What a GREAT DAY!!!
...and all of a sudden I feel like singing Great Day by the Fresh Beat Band!



  1. OMG I almost cried. where are my babies going?? The boys are almost 5. Maddie girl crawling. Stop the world I want to get off!!!
    Yeah- that "mommy voice"- too funny.

    Love you guys- see you soon.

    1. Yes, Mrs. Hattie, the kids are growing up WAY too fast! It's bittersweet! & I know I sounded so crazy in the second recording but I'm so glad I captured it, it is quite hilarious hearing how I talk to her! Love and miss you too and can't wait to see you guys too!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a sweet little girl you have!!!!!! I literally could not stop smiling watching that video!!! :) And your little family is so beautiful!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my "I Believe" page. You really made my heart smile so big! God bless you, girl!!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Katie and thank you so much for your kind words!!!



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