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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Relief for a Problematic Scalp | Head & Shoulders

I've been aware of the Head & Shoulders brand for as far back as I can remember.  Commercials showing people with flakes of dandruff on their shoulders really did leave a lasting impression.  But, even though I've had issues with dandruff and itchiness, I've never seriously considered using Head & Shoulders for my problematic scalp.  I've thought about it, of course, but then I wondered how it would affect my type of hair so I resolved that it might not be for me. 

Then what do you know, Head & Shoulders goes and creates a line of products with someone like me in mind.  Their new Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection was developed specifically for textured hair.  I'm not kidding, it says so on the bottle!  It's main ingredients include vitamin E rich almond oil, coconut essence and dandruff-fighting ingredient zinc pyrithione (ZPT).  Imagine my surprise to learn that not only can this product help to improve the health of my scalp but it can also help to improve natural moisture levels over time.  

I was stoked!  
I have problems with dandruff and itchiness, didn't you hear?! 

That's dandruff, folks. Yuck!

I've definitely needed some relief and relief is exactly what I got when I washed my hair.  I used just the 2-in-1, dandruff shampoo + conditioner at first.  My hair and scalp felt good, and clean, but I still felt like my hair needed some conditioning so I applied the Co-Wash afterwards.  Chuck that up to the conditioner-obsessed naturalista in me, I suppose.  

The Co-Wash's texture and consistency was just right and I could tell that it was not only conditioning, but moisturizing my hair as well.  Do keep in mind that the Co-Wash (i.e., conditioner wash) was designed to be used as a shampoo and is meant to be used alone, in between shampooing, as an alternative to traditional shampooing / conditioning.  However, the Co-Wash is still just that; a conditioner.  So, if you decide to use just the individual shampoo in the collection I would suggest you follow it up with the Co-Wash to ensure that your hair receives the conditioning that it needs.

To make matters better, if you think all of the above isn't enough Head & Shoulders took it a step further and introduced us to a Scalp Soother.  This product has become my best friend, folks.  I've been using it every day.  Just a few pumps of the scalp soother delivered to the roots and massaged throughout the scalp has provided quick relief when my scalp has felt irritated.  Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E will do that, you know.  

Can I say it?!...  

I'm impressed.  I love what's been done with this collection.  I really appreciate the attention to detail in regards to ensuring that the products in the Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection contain the ingredients needed to help moisturize the hair and scalp.  After blow drying and styling my hair, it felt good, really good, and it's been flake free too. Imagine that!

 Naturalistas with a problematic scalp rejoice!  


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