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Monday, October 13, 2014

Owl Costume | Day 13

The theme at Maddie's school this month is "On the Farm".  Since it's the month of Halloween, every few days we have to dress her up as an animal.  Tomorrow's animal is an owl.  Tonight I spent an hour and a half making an owl costume for her.  #supermom

Old T-shirt, Old Hat
Felt (Spent $3.55 at Michael's)
Index card - Cut into a "wing" and used as a template on the felt.
Hot Glue Gun or Bobby Pins - I used both b/c I didn't buy glue and ran out. #improvise
(be sure to put your child in an undershirt if you use bobby pins, as a safety layer) 

I'm tired.  But anything for my girl :)!

Hone in,



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