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Monday, August 11, 2014


It's August.

I tend to reflect a lot from August through October; especially about things that I could have done differently.  In order to keep from living in the past, focusing on things I can't change, I'm attempting to focus on the present, positive aspects of my life.

Without much thought I can say that I am grateful!

Grateful for...
  • Mario: His leadership, his frugality, his patience, his love.
  • Maddie: Her wittiness, her sweetness, her joy, her trust, her love.
  • Life, Health and Strength: I'm just thankful to be alive, well and in my right mind.
  • Friends: Having friends is so important, and I wouldn't trade them for anything ;)!
  • Provision: We've been blessed with more than enough.
  • I haven't studied my Bible this in-depth in quite some time. So grateful for the community, study plans and most importantly, time with God!
  • Instagram: It's by far my favorite social media platform. I love the community, and the social aspect of this site is just enough and perfect for my introverted self!
  • Reading Time: I love to read, and my reading list is lengthy, so finding time to enjoy it is the epitome of perfection! 
  • Giving: Helping people overwhelms me at time, yet I'm a giver at heart. Watching people give for Jeremiah's campaign ( has been delightful, and I pray the Byrd's reach their goal!
  • God's Love: He loves me, in spite of me! Enough said!
What are you grateful for?!


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  1. I really like this! It's so important to reflect on our blessings! It's so easy to focus on the negative; but in the grand scheme of things, our good days out weigh our bad days!


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