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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Zoo

We took Madison to the Zoo for the first time a couple of weeks ago!  It's less than two hours away so it was an easy drive and the weather was just right.

The trip started off beautifully! We enjoyed the flamingos, birds, turtles, frogs, etc.

Once we began to visit the animals that we'd really come to see (i.e. lions, zebras, elephants,etc.) the trip went slightly downhill.

Why, you ask? Because we saw the gorillas first! Madison and I watched the baby gorillas with our hands and faces pressed against the glass full of excitement, then all of a sudden the mother runs up and bangs the glass.  

Madison and I nearly jumped out of our skin when the gorilla hit the glass! It knocked the fear in me pretty good for a few minutes so I totally understand why Madison was afraid of the animals from that point forward. By the time we'd made it half-way through "Africa" we realized it was a lost cause and made our way out of the park, missing the zebra, lions, monkey's, etc.

We stopped by the kid's zone on the way out and allowed her to play there for a few before we left.  I'd purposely wanted to go there last so as not to get stuck there the entire day.  Sure enough, she definitely didn't want to leave this area when it was time to go.

Overall, I still count the trip a success!  We just have to take a few notes from this trip so we'll know how to proceed the next time that we visit the zoo, which I'm sure will probably be a yearly outing until she's tired of it!  


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