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Thursday, December 12, 2013


We have a huge tree in our front yard.  It’s quite lovely watching it change with the seasons.  The only downside is the leaves that fall off in autumn.  Although the abundance of leaves makes for a cute photo opportunity, it’s not very fun raking and bagging them up.

During our time off for Thanksgiving the hubs and I figured we’d take the time to do a little yard work.  Who knew that raking would be such a workout! We actually invested in a leaf blower last year after seeing how many leaves we have to get rid of in the front and back yard but I felt like it would be better to just rake them up in some areas.  So he blew while I raked and I ended up being sore for a little over two days afterwards!  Just goes to show how out of shape I really am….I’ll work on that in the new year ;).  Just kidding, I've been making slight changes here and there now!

But, I really just wanted to share how much fun we all had working in the yard that day, Mario and I joking about who was bagging up the leaves the fastest, watching Maddie grab a few leaves at a time in an attempt to help, and just doing something outside of our normal routine without even leaving the house.  I just love simple stuff like that!




  1. Call me crazy, but I love raking leaves! Maybe it's knowing what a great workout I'm getting... :-) We haven't raked our front yard yet because our oak tree doesn't drop its leave until about now. However, they're all sitting beneath several inches of snow...oops. I guess I'll be posting leaf raking photos in January!

  2. I like things like that as makes life so fun, those "simple" moments. Raking really is a workout!!

  3. We have a lot of leaves in our yard too. Wayne hates them. <<<guess who's been doing all the raking and leaf blowing??? Love you guys!!!


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