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Friday, December 06, 2013


I’m incredibly in love with my little family unit and I thoroughly enjoy the time spent with just the three of us.  But, I also love, love, love our extended family and I really look forward to the holidays, especially Thanksgiving.   

We take Thanksgiving very seriously on my mom’s side and we have a rotation when it comes to where the dinner will be hosted.  One of my aunt’s hosted this year and I must admit I was quite impressed!  She gives a couple of quick tips on how to make hosting a big dinner a stress-free process.  Take a look {here}.

I didn't take very many photos...too busy having fun! But the couple that I did take were of these cuties...

And these sillies...

But my favorite is this one...

Punch Bowl Cake -  Grandma's recipe, made by N. Smith 
(I may have to post this recipe for her, wink, wink)!

The time off was quite relaxing this time around filled with lots of yummy food and delicious desserts! 
But most of all I was happy for the time we had to fellowship!




  1. Um have to post that recipe ASAP!!

    I love my extended family as well. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. I love Madison's face in all these can tell she loves her family!

  2. I love this post and I love our family! I'm telling you, I had a wonderful time (God is Awesome)...Love you So very much and lol with the posting of the recipe :)!

  3. Aww...I love your little family too. I really miss you guys. I'm glad to see that you guys had a blast. I told Tasha that I know all the food was good because ALL of y'all can cook!! Lol.

  4. beautiful family mz lady. that dessert looks like it is the biZness and I would love a taste at it so post that recipe if at all possible! *smile*

  5. I love to see families come together on Thanksgiving. Such a blessing to be with them. BTW, that punchbowl cake looks delish!


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