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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Birthday's to 70 years of life!!!

My maternal grandmother's 70th birthday is today....YAY! 
Yesterday my aunt, Tasha, gathered us together at her home to celebrate. 
The joy on my grandmother's face from the surprise completely warmed my heart.

When she saw me she hugged me and kissed me like only she can and like always, it made me feel like a child inside.  So loved! I thank God for her life and look forward to many more years to come!!!

Here are a few photos from the get-together...

...and doesn't she just look amazing! She doesn't look a day over 50 with her beautiful skin and high cheek bones.  Yeah, I'm bragging on her!!! So thankful to have those genes running through my veins :)!!!

We had some good food and, more importantly, some great dessert!!!
It's just something about celebrating life and spending time with family that just fills me with so much happiness and joy!

I love you to life, Granny!

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  1. Well, she looks great indeed!! Happy birthday!
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  2. She looks great for 70!

  3. She doesn't look 70 at all! She looks great. :) happy birthday to her!


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