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Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide

My husband is such an easy man to shop for.  Every Valentine's day for the past six years or so I've been buying him a new cologne that usually lasts until the following year.  Now that we have father's day in the mix, I have to come up with another way to show him how much Maddie and I love and appreciate all he does for us!

Presenting, my very first Gift Guide:
  1. {Free Weights} - Since we're in the process of developing a home gym it's only right that I build up the weight section first.  There are SO many things you can do with free weights so I'll be using them as well :).
  2. {Clippers} - Mario has been complaining about his broken clippers for some time now.  Since he only gets a cut every two weeks having a good set of clippers is essential for him so that he can maintain a fresh look in between cuts!
  3. {Boxers / Socks} - Am I the only one whose guy will wear the same set of boxers and socks until they fall to pieces?  If I don't replenish these items he'll wear them to the death.  So this is one of those items I'll be throwing in among the larger things just because I know he needs them and would never think to get on his own.
  4. {A homemade craft} - There is no doubt that every year I'll be making a Father's Day craft with Madison, be it a homemade card, painting, fingerprint/hand print in a store bought card, etc.  Although I plan to get him a few things from me I know that these items will mean the most to him!
So there you have it, a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your dad or the father of your children.  The most important thing is to remember to enjoy your family on holiday's such as these and to be thankful for the blessings you have in them!

What are some of your go to gifts for the father's in your life?!?


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  1. LOL on the undewear, Prolly what I will go with this year. Love u guys~~~~

  2. Free weights is a really great idea! I'm not getting Noel anything for Father's Day this year...and I told him upfront that I had no ideas and to pick something out and call that his gift. I'm terrible, right? That's what I do for my Mother's Day gift, so I figured it was time I lightened my load! :-)

    1. That's what I do for Mother's Day too, it's so much easier on both of us! I don't know why I didn't think to apply it to his just made next year a whole lot easier!

  3. Yes, every man needs errrr new drawers, that's more for us too! Great affordable gifts!


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