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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Backyard Produce {Week 1}

We received our first delivery from Backyard Produce two weeks ago.  Essentially, "it's an online Farmers Market that delivers the freshest local and organic produce and goods of your choosing directly to your door!"

We get the "basket for two" which costs us $35/week delivered each Tuesday.  Please keep in mind that this is local and organic which often equates to more expensive but worth it, in my opinion.  This serves as our main produce for the week; however, I may pick up a few items from the grocery store like lemons for my lemon water or cauliflower for a dish, if necessary.  We also go through a lot of apples, oranges and bananas so I may pick up those as well if we don't get any in the basket.

A closer look at everything that came in the variety basket - see below for the full description.

Again, we're just getting started with this service to aid in our journey towards healthy living!  So, I'm currently receiving the variety basket that they put together for you instead of choosing my own items so that we can try new things.  But, since we're planning to keep this up I will start to meal plan each week around the contents of the box and change up the items accordingly if there is something I need for a particular dish.

Here is what the variety basket consisted of our first week:

Organic Ataulfo Mango – 1 count
Organic Yellow Squash – 1 pound
Organic Zucchini – 1 pound
Organic Kiwi – 2 count
Organic Valencia Oranges – 3 count
Organic Green Leaf Lettuce – 1 head
NC Organic Radishes – 1 bunch
NC Cucumbers – 1 count
NC Strawberries – 1 pound
NC Red Heifer Cheddar Cheese – 8 ounces
BYP Choice Item - Bottled water - 1 count

Here are a few ways in which I used these items:

1.  Meal prepped my lunch for the week using the lettuce and radishes.
2.  Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole using the NC Red Heifer Cheese (this cheese is delicious)!
3.  Used the zucchini and squash in the Sauteed Sausage and Veggies dish.
4-6. Cut up some of the fruit for breakfast and juicing!

The only con I'd like to note thus far is the fact that I have to prep everything the day that it comes, although I've learned to expect that now.  I can't just sit the produce in the refrigerator because nothing comes in small bags like the green ones you get at the grocery store.  So that head of lettuce had to be washed and chopped and placed in bags right then and there after I pulled it out.  The same goes for any other vegetable that can't just sit in the fridge "unprotected". Other than that I'm quite happy with this service!

I'll eventually get into how it affects our budget (after we've used it for a few weeks)!  I'd also be thrilled to answer any questions you may have!

I'm curious to know, how do you feel about buying local, organic produce?!? Are  you aware of the "Dirty Dozen" and the "Clean Fifteen" of produce?

Source:  Backyard Produce


  1. I posted a similar thing yesterday about my CSA delivery. I'm planning on posting what we get every week as long I'm able to!

    1. I just read your post, Dara, and I like how the farmer actually delivers the produce and gives you background information about it! I hope to post about how we're using our delivered goods each week as well (for now :))!

  2. I want to start doing something like this! It seems awesome to have fresh produce like that!

    1. It has been a blessing thus far and with a little one it does save a bit of time at the grocery since I mainly only go for meats and a few staple items (herbs, nuts, flour, etc.) now. I also love that it's all organic which has become very important to me now for my little one's sake! If you have a program like this in your area I highly recommend it!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment :)!

  3. I like the idea of fresh fruits and veggies coming directly to my door! This is brilliant! I had to stop buying my fruits and veggies from Walmart about a year ago, because the selection was getting worse. I get my fruits and veggies from Publix now, but this is another great option!

    1. Exactly, Sherelle, just brilliant! I had to stop shopping at Walmart period, lol, the prices are great but you get what you pay for at times. I'm now all over Target but this has definitely helped when it comes to getting fresh produce, especially since it's organic. Definitely give it a try if you have a program like this in your area!


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