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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Blogivarsary to Me!!!


Today is my very first...
 BLOGIVERSARY, [blog-uh-vur-suh-ree], you know, the yearly anniversary of this here blog of mine!!! I'm thrilled to know that I've been at this thing for an entire year because it's definitely not as easy as it looks! This space has grown beyond my imagination and it's changed me in the process!  I'm so excited about this next year of blogging and I look forward to seeing the great places this space will go!  I hope you'll stay along for the journey!

So enough with the lessons and heartfelt reflections, let's celebrate!
I've teamed up with the fabulous ladies below to giveaway
$250 Cash (via Paypal)!

Be sure to read the Official Giveaway Rules.
Note: This giveaway is open internationally.
You must have a Paypal account to enter.

Now get to it, it's a Blogiversary Celebration!!!
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P.S. If you want to turn your blogspot(dot)com to simply a (dot)com then stop by tomorrow for a chance to win a domain change!


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  1. Well heck....I see your disqus is working. Mines been acting up for 2 days now. Weird huh. Anywhoo...happy 1 yr anniversary of your blog. I love that Dr. Suess saying. I saved it as a pic. :D I love the book. :D How have you been. I havent been around lately. In a funk and had a bunch of cyber bullying and cyber stalking going on.

  2. Chamel Evans4/25/13, 8:42 AM

    Happy blogivarsary and looking forward to following!

  3. Gwen Carmack4/25/13, 11:13 AM

    Happy Blogiversary, Nicole!

  4. This is a really awesome giveaway! The winner is surly lucky. And Happy birthday to your blog!

  5. Rachel Zimmerly4/25/13, 8:52 PM

    happy first blogiversary! you have really come far Nicole!! :)


  6. Rachel Julia4/25/13, 8:53 PM

    happy first blogiversary! Nicole, you have really come far !! :)


  7. Happy one year blogivarsary!

  8. happy blogiversary!!! :D

  9. Happy one year blogiversary, Nicole! <3


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