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Monday, January 07, 2013

Monthly Measures #1

Welcome to Monthly Measures!

Last month something sparked in me that caused me to want to get in shape.  I'm not one to work out, or do anything that's physically laborious, to be honest.  I'm just not a fan of exercise, although I understand it's importance!

I've recently had a cute little baby and married an amazing man and somehow I found myself thinking about where I am, physically.  I looked great (thanks to breastfeeding) but I didn't feel great, basically no energy at all!  So I decided to do something about it by challenging myself to train for a 5K program.

I even decided to be a little cliche and make one of my aspirations for the new year to include exercising consistently and eating healthy.

Let's be clear, this isn't about losing weight in my case, although I do like to keep track of it.  I've hovered around 150 lbs, give or take a few, since high school and I'm actually fine with my weight.  In my opinion, it's just the right amount for my shape and height. For me, this is about getting in shape so that I'm not out of breathe after one flight of stairs or after chasing after my little one.  I'd also like to add a little definition here and there...I'm sure the hubby will love it too!  I know that I will lose weight along this journey; however, that's just an added bonus that I'll gladly accept.

So whatever your goal or focus may be in relation to your health I'd love to hear about them.  Let's build a community of motivation and accountability surrounding health and fitness where we're sharing, learning and encouraging each other to live healthy lifestyles.  Not just for ourselves, but for our families as well.

Today I weigh in at 153.0lbs, no thanks to the holidays!  Check out last months Monthly Measures post to see where I began!

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I Corinthians 6:19-20, KJV

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  1. I will definitely link up in February. I was on track around October of last year, but I started working longer hours. I plan to ease myself back into a reasonable routine starting this week. I'm not looking to lose weight, I just want to tone up. My children & Hubby would appreciate it. At last check, I was around 165 LBS.


  2. I can't do this b/c I hate committing where I'm held accountable esp when it comes to EXERCISE! Hahahaha~ :)
    But good luck with this link up! You motivate us all!

  3. this is such a great idea!! i would love to help sponsor this weekly series or possibly guest post!

    i run a health and fitness site and i am a personal trainer and health coach. i would def love to offer you my services (for free of charge!!) i currently train several online clients and def love the chance to get to help anyone who is wanting to get healthier and more fit!
    PLease feel free to check out my blog/website and contact me if you would like my help! even if it is weekly motivation and encouragement i would love to help in any way possible!

  4. Accountability is so important! Good luck with your health journey.


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