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Monday, November 05, 2012

My Weekend: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

I learned a LOT this weekend and not necessarily the way I wanted to learn it.  BUT you live and you learn and there is always some good to be found in life.

THE GOOD - Our cute little lady is becoming more and more independent.  I've been able to sit her down now long enough to actually get some things done.  From cooking a meal to showering, to using the bathroom (sad I know).  But she's finally at a point where she is perfectly content at playing by herself for a while.  FINALLY!!!

THE BAD - Although I shouldn't be surprised, my alma mater lost horribly during our homecoming game.  Literally shaking my head right now because that's the one game you need to win for the fans.  Come on NC State...get it together!


THE UGLY - Our furnace is on the fritz (yikes!)  It was working on and off on Friday, enough so that it was bearable (i.e lower 70's).  By Saturday night / Sunday morning it was freezing (i.e. lower 60's).  We had an appointment scheduled for Monday but ended up having to do an emergency appointment instead...we do have an 8 month old you know!  The technicians from Michael and Son were awesome and had us up and running lickity split (I always wanted to say that :))!  And yes, two folders means they came out not once, but twice...

Now that it's working the question is for how long?!?  Our house, and furnace, will be 20 years old next year which basically means the furnace is on it's last leg considering that most furnaces last 10-15 years.  Why didn't we think about that when we bought the house you ask?!?  Because it's our first house, of course, and with that first house purchase comes several (and I mean several) lessons learned!  But hey, we're nice and toasty for now so I'll stop complaining!!!

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How was your weekend?!?



  1. I'm so glad you linked up with us! :)

    Your sweet daughter is ADORABLE! I'm so glad your furnace is fixed. Our heat was out during the hurricane and it was freezing, so I know how yucky that can be.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Kate! I hope things are looking up after the storm and I pray that God is keeping you and your family during the lose of your grandfather. Take Care :)!

  2. Ohhh.....I really hope your heat is good to go this winter. It is SO cold.

    Maddie is so cute in that picture. Yay for playing on her own now!!

    1. You and me both on the furnace thing Ashley, I can tell this winter will be something else. We're weighing our options now in order to purchase a new one when the time comes! & thanks, Maddie is quite the looker :)!


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