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Monday, November 12, 2012

Likes / Dislikes

I've decided to move my family Likes / Dislikes to Monday's since I enjoy doing High Five for Friday Favorites on, well, Friday of course!  So how about those likes / dislikes for this past week...

My two cuties...if nothing else she has my nose :)!

Mario is excited that the election is OVER...who isn't?!?  Let's see what the next four years will bring, eh?

Madison is loving Multi-grain Cheerios this week.  It's too cute watching her bite them in half with her two bottom teeth.

I like the term juke (to deceive or outmaneuver a defending opponent by a feint or fake) used in football.

Mario doesn't like the fact that I like the term juke because I never use it correctly.

When Maddie pulls herself to a standing position, which she does often now, she doesn't like the fact that she can't quite get herself back down.  She's slowly figuring it out though :)!

I'm really not feeling daylights savings time this year.  I know you "gain" an hour, or whatever, but it doesn't really make a difference with the exception of that first day and even on that day we were still late to where we needed to be...I'm just saying!

What are some things you like / dislike?!?




  1. That picture is melting my heart!! She is definitely a mix between the two of you!!

    1. Thanks a LOT Ashley, most people only see him in her :)!!!


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