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Friday, November 02, 2012

Likes / Dislikes

It's Friday!!!  So how about those family Likes / Dislikes

Madison at 7 days old!!!

I'm not liking this typical North Carolina weather.  Last week 80's, this week 50's...that's a cold just waiting to happen!

Maddie isn't liking bedtime these days.  I'm determined to nip that in the bud with a quickness :)!

Mario doesn't seem to like to hear Maddie cry...little does he know she has him wrapped around her finger already!

After moving some things around to baby proof the living room, I'm really liking the new setup...thanks Maddie :)

Maddie has rediscovered splashing during bath time this week and she's loving it.  As soon as she sees the tub full of water she lights up with anticipation.  I'm drenched by the time we're done!

Mario is in heaven this week because the NBA season has officially begun.  He keeps telling me about who got traded and who beat who...I say who cares (sorry babe!).  I'm more of an NFL fan so I only care about the NBA during the Finals (but he knew that when he married me :))!

What are some things you like / dislike?!?



  1. Beautiful family pictures :)

    1. Thanks a bunch Rina!!! I must give credit to our awesome family photographer Lauren Garrison. She is so much fun to work with and the pictures come out great every time. I hope you're doing well. Thanks for continuing to check me out :)!

  2. I feel the SAME way when it comes to this NBA stuff. I have no clue what Noel is talkinga bout half the time.

    Love that sweet little Maddie is splashing all around during bath! That is so cute!


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