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Friday, October 26, 2012

Likes / Dislikes...

It's Friday!!!  So how about those family Likes / Dislikes

Just the three of us :)

I dislike the fact that daylight savings time is right around the corner because I'm afraid it will ruin Madison's sleeping patterns.

Madison doesn't seem to like any food I've given her this week.

Mario doesn't like shows like Grey's Anatomy, Scandal etc....but he'll watch them with me if I ask so I can have someone to talk to them about (gotta love a man like that :))!!!

I LOVE that the holiday's are right around the corner.  I'm hosting Thanksgiving for my entire family at my house this year and I'm excited about Maddie's first Christmas!

Madison is 8 months old today (WOW!!!)  and this week she likes pulling up on any and everything that's sturdy enough to handle her weight including me!

Mario LOVES basketball and is so excited about this upcoming NBA season as well as our NC State basketball team.  Apparently, we're ranked #6 (GO WOLFPACK!) right now but we'll see how that goes.

What are some things you like / dislike?!?


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