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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Beginner Coupon(er)...

I've been contemplating couponing for quite some time now.  From what I've seen on television it can be very time consuming.  But I recognize that it's just television and that these people are "extreme" and I don't have to be.  I decided to do a little research, subscribe to two copies of the News and Observer (Sunday's only) and give it a four week trial!

I'm two weeks in and I'm somewhat obsessed!!! The main thing for me is that it isn't so much about being extreme but about saving at least something on everything that I purchase from a food / toiletry perspective since there are coupons for EVERYTHING in those categories.  Check out some of my goodies...

Okay, so lets be real...that first week I was sort of all over the place.  I went from Kroger to Walgreens to Target to Food Lion AND to CVS all in one day! Needless to say, I wore myself completely out!!!  But hey, I'm living and learning with this thing and trying to get a feel for it. So now I'm narrowing down my stores to just Kroger, CVS and Target.

I'm going with Kroger because they have very good sales that last for weeks at a time.  I'm going with CVS because they have a pretty good rewards program that gives you "extrabucks" and with those extra bucks I can get things that don't normally go on sale (i.e. milk, eggs etc.) basically for FREE.  I'm going with Target because I already shop there at least once / week so I might as well save when I go!

So yeah, I'm feeling this couponing thing!  I scored my first group of FREE items this week at Kroger and I nearly lost it!!!  After that I decided that this is a must do!  So I went to OfficeMax, with coupons of course, and got myself a binder, baseball card holders, paper clips and dividers...

Don't color me "extreme" just yet but I'll keep you posted on how this thing is going and I'll let you know if / when the name calling should begin!

By the way, if you're already into couponing please leave any tips or suggestions you may have in the comments section!  As a beginner I'd really appreciate it!!!

I'm off to clip some coupons now...




  1. You go girl!! Couponing is something I really need to get in to. I think you did a great job. I need to get a folder and the N&O to get me started. I have no tips because I'm pretty awful at it.

    1. Thanks Ashley! It can be quite a task but I'm finding that it's worth it already!!! You should definitely get started, like I said even if you're not "extreme" it wouldn't hurt to save at least a dollar here and there on things you buy regularly! So go for it!!!

  2. I need to learn and understand how to do this couponing thing. I called myself trying to learn at one point, but I never really put the effort in. Given what we discussed this past weekend, I feel it would be essential to learn now!

    1. Yes ma'am!!! Let's definitely discuss during your next visit. I'm still learning some things but I'd be more than happy to share what I've learned thus far.


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