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Friday, January 04, 2013

Take Note #1 - Family Love

Take Note, my hubby, that you are my rock!  I was going through my phone deleting photos, text messages, etc. to free up space and found the text I saved below.  This message was in regards to my post, Losing a Parent, and receiving it that day really lifted my spirits!  Such a reminder of why I love you so much!!!

Take Note, my ladybug, that you're becoming such a busy bee and getting into EVERYTHING! I like to allow you to explore, because you're curious and learning, but it's finally time to put those annoying safety latches on all of the lower kitchen cabinets and get a gate for the stairs.  I hope all of this busyness leads to you walking soon!

Take Note, my Aunties (C & T), that I notice what you're doing and I love you guys SO much!  The things we're doing this year and the accomplishments we are achieving will be something to remember.  I can't wait to see where life takes all of us.  My mom would be beside herself right now looking at how far we've all come and the things we are doing in our lives!

Take Note, my family, that the way we support, encourage and help each other as much as we can is truly what family is all about.  I love you all to life and couldn't be more proud to forever be "one of them "Mo'" girls!!!

Take Note from heaven above, Mom, even in your absence I'll always strive to make you proud!

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  1. Girl I didn't know you were going to theme yours! I love that you did that!

  2. Nicole,

    This was such a lovely post and I enjoyed reading it! I love reading about how supportive your family is. That is one thing in life that is so important to have. Can't wait to read your Take Note! post next week :)

  3. I have the magnetic baby latches on my kitchen cabinets. I would recommend them!

  4. So Awesomatic! I'm like Mario, I was about in tears at work, reading your post yesterday! You may ask, "why you reading it at work?"! My response, I need a break every now & then. Seriously, know that you are inspiring, encouraging & becoming what God wants you to be! Love U! -Aunt T

  5. I totally thought that Family Love was the theme. I copied you. It was encouraging and it made it easy for me to speak from my heart.



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