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Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year, New Life

Dorothy (expecting), Me, Mionna & Tia, Best Friends Forever :)

The second half of 2017 was one of the busiest for me. That's the quick and dirty version as to why I haven't written here in over five months. In that time, my oldest child, Madison, has started kindergarten and is thriving, and my youngest child, Morgan, is walking, talking and trying her best to keep up with her older sister. The big change that has kept me away is an unexpected but well-deserved promotion at work. With the added responsibility, I tend to work from home at night so anytime I used to dedicate to blogging, I either put towards working or try to get some rest in for once. I do recognize that I need to make time to do things I enjoy. So, I'll spend some time evaluating how I can accomplish that with the 24/7/365 I've been given as I take on this new year. 

Another thing I've been spending a lot of time doing these past few months is reconnecting with my best friends from my home town. I've known Dorothy, Tia, and Mionna for 20+ years now. We've had some rough patches amongst us that caused us to drift apart, hard. But, life is short and key friendships are vital.  Somehow we found our way back to each other soon after we were all forced to get along (I kid, sort of) to be a part of Mionna's wedding (she knew what she was doing :)). I'm so glad we pressed our way through the awkwardness we all certainly felt, followed by some hard conversations that lead to the formation of a group chat.  We interact nearly every day now and it's been quite refreshing. It's funny how life and things work themselves out and how God gives you what you need, like a solid group of friends that know you -- like really, really know you (because history) -- right when each of you needs it the most. 
The four of us hadn't hung out, just for fun, in years! But, we came together in December to prepare to welcome new life, since Dorothy is expecting. We spent the weekend showering her with love then had a ball at one of the best concerts we've ever been to, The Xscape Tour.  We finished off the weekend with a fun-filled maternity shoot the three of us gifted to Dorothy because we're just so darn happy and excited for her.  As you can see, we planned a few shots with her as well but the bulk of the shoot was for her and her husband, of course.  I came away from that weekend so full and I'm so excited about the new life that's been breathed into our friendship. I pray that we'll continue to grow closer and closer; being there for each other now and into our old age.
Here's to a new year, here's to new life, here's to more time spent fostering relationships and doing the things that bring us joy.

Happy New Year!!

Don't Settle,

xoxo, Nicole

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