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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Part 3 | Bridal Shower Planning - Schedule of Events

This is the final part of the Bridal Shower Planning series!  Be sure to check out Part 1 - The Action Plan and Part 2 - Budget and Cost to get the full scope of how to plan and host a bridal shower.

When we were in the process of planning my bf's bridal shower, I scoured the web looking for a bridal shower schedule of events that I could pull from and tweak.  I had a hard time finding anything that made sense to me.  I figured I'd take the time to share the schedule of events that we went with for the bridal shower so that there is at least one other agenda out there for folks to use as a foundation to build upon.

Adjust the schedule below according to the time and length of your event, and any special circumstances specific to your situation while planning.  For us, we only had the photographer for a limited amount of time so we wanted to ensure that we did the bulk of things while she'd be there to capture it.

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Bridal Shower Schedule of Events

1:00pm: Guest Arrival
  • Allow guests to mingle, and choose a seat.
  • Ensure each guest is given an envelope from the thank you card box to put their address on.
    • This is something that helps out the bride when it's time to send out thank you cards.
  • Have guests fill out a “Best Wishes” advice card and place it in a bottle as they wait for the majority of the guests to arrive.
1:15pm: Game #1
  • Play “What’s in Your Purse”. Award winner.
1:30pm: Serve food.
  • Consider the number of guests and whether it'll be plated or buffet style when setting the amount of time to eat.  
  • Play "The Newlywed Game" video from the bride-to-be's finance during this time.
    • Have someone fix the bride's plate so that she can answer the questions just before you play the video.
2:10pm: Photo Op'
  • Guests that would like to take a photo with the bride can do so while others are finishing up their food. Guests continue to eat, chat and mingle. 
2:30pm: Game #2
  • Play “Bridal Word Scramble”. Award winner.

2:45pm: Prep for Game #3

  • Begin “Bridal Bingo”. 
  • Have everyone fill in their bingo cards with their guess of items they think she’ll receive.
3:00 pm: Gift Opening & Final Game
  • Have bride-to-be open gifts.  
  • Play “Bridal Bingo” throughout this time until someone wins.
At the conclusion of the event be sure to thank everyone for coming, and ensure that they receive a party favor.  After you've bid any guests adieu, help the bride to load up her gifts and make sure any equipment, tools, etc. that you brought to use during the event have been gathered.  Then, pat yourself on the back -- you've survived planning and hosting a bridal shower!! 

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Feel free to ask questions about anything I've mentioned throughout each part of this series in the comments below.

Be Strategic,
Photo by Natasha N. Smith Photography

xoxo, Nicole

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