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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Elf on the Shelf - Daily Positions

Elf on the Shelf Calendar
We started Elf on the Shelf about two years ago when our firstborn was three.  She named him Whon (pronounced "One").  I enjoy the story and intent behind it and thought it would be fun to do as a yearly tradition.  Like a lot of parents, we tend to either forget about it or run out of ideas about a week or so into it.  This year I figured I'd take some time to plan out where we'll put the elf each day.  I focused on one room per week in order to keep things incredibly simple for the hubs and I.

I'm going to give this a go this year, see how it works out and tweak this daily position calendar year after year.

Week 1:  Living Room
12/1 - Elf on the bookshelf holding the kids favorite book
12/2 - Elf sitting on the floor with a game controller in hand pretending to play
12/3 - Elf sitting on the back of the couch with the TV remote
12/4 - Elf sitting on the mantle attempting to light a candle
12/5 - Elf hanging from the coat closet's doorknob
12/6 - Elf sitting on the ledge above the front door, decorating our mini Christmas tree
12/7 - Elf at the top of the Christmas tree attempting to adjust the top bow.

Week 2:  Various Bathrooms
12/8 - Bathroom 1, Elf sitting on the sink with dirty hands, next to a puddle of hand soap
12/9 - Bathroom 1, Elf hiding in the basket of toilet tissue
12/10 - Bathroom 2, Elf pretending to brush his teeth with the kid's brush
12/11 - Bathroom 2, Elf in the kid's tub surrounding by their bath toys
12/12 - Bathroom 2, Elf in kid's basket of hair products, holding brush and comb
12/12 - Bathroom 3, Elf on the counter surrounded by a mess of mom's makeup
12/14 - Bathroom 3, Elf peeking out of the laundry basket

Week 3:  Various Bedrooms
12/15 - Kids Room, Elf in the tub in the dollhouse
12/16 - Kids Room, Elf on the top of the drawer
12/17 - Kids Room, Elf hanging from the ceiling fan
12/18 - Parents Room, Elf peering out of a top drawer
12/19 - Parents Room, Elf sitting on night stand under the lamp
12/20 - Guest Room, Elf lounging in the middle of the bed with a few other toys
12/21 - Guest Room, Elf on the ironing board, pretending to iron

Week 4:  Dining Room or Kitchen
12/22 - Elf at the table playing cards with other toys
12/23 - Elf peeking out from the cabinet that contains all of the snacks
12/24 - Elf sitting on the edge of the counter with cookie crumbs surrounding him and a glass filled with just a small amount of milk.

Goodbye, Elf!

If your family is into elf on the shelf as well then use this list as a base and add to or take away from some of the ideas to make them easier or better.  I hope you've found this to be helpful, and good luck sticking with it.

Here's a printable version of the list (including a blank sheet to create your own): Elf on the Shelf - Daily Positions.

Be Intentional,


  1. These are such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    One Awesome Momma

  2. My little ones are dying for an elf, when you can do things like this I think I may buy one

  3. This is so cute! I love the idea of Elf on the Shelf! So helpful with the list of places to put it!

  4. I feel like saying thank you for this just isn't enough! This is such a great list! Bookmarked it so I can come back!


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