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Friday, July 29, 2016

Being Still

I haven't written in this space in over a month.  Why? Maternity leave.  Before my maternity leave started I thought to myself, "oh, I'll have plenty of time to write, read, engage on social media, etc."  I knew that baby Morgan, and just recovering from childbirth, would take a lot out of me and eat up my time, but I still assumed I'd have a bit of time to myself to blog among other things.

I should have known better.

With the exception of taking care of Morgan and becoming obsessed with snapchat, all I've wanted to do is nothing and to disengage.  So that's exactly what I did and I'm sure it's exactly what I needed.  I have spent so much of this break snuggling with baby, sleeping when she sleeps, eating what I want (within reason) and watching television, movies, and more television.  It has felt so good to just sit around without the need to go, go, go and do, do, do.  I have truly enjoyed just being still.

I go back to work the second week in August and I'm looking forward to getting back into a more structured routine.  However, I'm not looking forward to putting Morgan in the hands of a caretaker, although I feel confident that she'll be well taken care of.  This will be so different than my experience with Madison so I'm extremely nervous.  But, I know that this change of pace will be good for all of us.

For some reason, I feel that posting here will pick back up as I get back to work.  As I make my return to the blogosphere I want to share things that are helpful but I also really want to get back to writing just to write and sharing about the happenings of life just to share.  After-all, the intent of this space is really meant to be a journal of sorts for me and my children to look back on so I never want to stray too far from my original "why" of starting this blog.  With that said, expect some posts about my postpartum experience thus far, how my family is adjusting as a whole, and just how I'm feeling, in general.

I look forward to being a bit more open with you all once more!

Be Intentional,
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