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Friday, May 27, 2016

Birth Plan for Baby "M"

I haven't had to think about a birth plan for over four years now.  I didn't want to start from scratch but I couldn't find the one I created when Madison was born.  Then what do you know, I remembered that I had a link to it in a blog post, downloaded it, modified it and I figured I'd share the actual contents of our plan on the blog this go 'round.  

I'm not sure if what we prefer is standard, too lengthy, etc., but it's what we want to happen during and after birth.  So, I think it's extremely important that it's laid out and given to the hospital staff once you're checked in for delivery.  Specifying your preferences for labor and delivery via a document ensures that you don't miss anything while you're in the thick of all that is going on once you realize you're in labor.

Here is exactly what our Birth Plan entails...

Birth Preferences - Nicole & Mario Pharr
(Baby "M" Pharr)

We are looking forward to sharing our birth experience with you. We have created this birth plan in order to outline some of our preferences for birth. We understand that there may be situations in which our choices may not be possible, but we hope that you will help us to move toward our goals as much as possible and to make this labor and birth a great experience. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or comments. Thank you so much!

I would like to be free to walk, change positions and use the bathroom as needed or desired. I would like to play my own music, if possible.

Anesthesia/Pain Medication
I am open to narcotic pain medication and would like an epidural.

Cesarean Section Delivery
I feel very strongly that I would like to avoid a cesarean delivery; however, if a cesarean is necessary, I expect to be fully informed of all procedures and actively participate in decision-making. I would like my husband to be present during the surgery. If possible, please do not strap my arms to the table during the procedure. If conditions permit, our baby should be given to my husband soon after the birth, and I would like to breastfeed our baby within an hour or so of delivery.

Perineal Care
To help my perineum stretch, please help guide my pushing efforts by letting me know when to push and when to stop. I would rather tear than have an episiotomy.

I would like to have a mirror available and adjusted so I can see our baby's head crowning.

Immediately after Birth
My husband would like the option to cut the cord. I would like to attempt to breastfeed our baby within an hour of birth. Please place our baby on my chest/stomach once she’s available to be handed to me (after any necessary checks, weighing, cleaning, etc.).

Newborn Care
Please evaluate and bathe our baby at my bedside, if at all possible. I would like to hold our baby skin-to-skin during the first few hours directly after cleaning to help regulate baby's body temperature. If our baby must be taken away or must go to the nursery for evaluation or medical treatment, my husband or someone I designate, will accompany our baby at all times. Please delay eye medication for our baby until we are well past the initial bonding period (a couple hours after the birth).

Postpartum Care
I would like to have our baby room-in with me at all times. My husband will be rooming in as well.

Please do not give our baby supplements (including formula, glucose, or plain water) without my consent, unless there is an urgent medical necessity. Please do not give our baby a pacifier.


So there you have, folks! Our preferences are pretty clear and are outlined in a one page document that will be given to the nurse. I remember all of the things we asked for being adhered to during our delivery with Madison, so know that this type of document is read and followed to the best of the staff's ability.  We're due in about two weeks, and I'm praying for a smooth and safe delivery.  I can't wait to meet our baby :)!!

Be Intentional,

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! I have nothing to base my thoughts about this birth plan off of but it seems like you've covered everything. It also seems like a good template to use when it's my turn!


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