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Friday, February 19, 2016

Brand New Furniture

I'm stoked, y'all!  We've had some of our old furniture for what feels like forever.  Some we bought just before we graduated and some we bought soon after.  I had one nice comfy blue couch that I'd purchased from Rooms-to-Go and Mario had a brown, comfy three piece set that he'd bought from there as well.  When we moved into our home together we kept my blue piece and the love seat from his three piece.  The pillows from my couch were blue and brown, so we figured it would all go just fine.  One of his pieces was a recliner that I've loved since my first pregnancy.  I slept in it each night toward the end of my third trimester then it ended up in Madison's nursery so I could nurse her there (while sleeping).  It's now in the guest room.  With all that said, our makeshift living room set didn't match.  No big deal.  But it was definitely time to purchase something new.  I won't even begin to tell you what we, and others, have put the old living room furniture through over the years.  This go 'round I opted for a dark grey living room set, because children.  We purchased it at a great price from a place called Heavner's Furniture Market.  My friends, it looks so fresh and feels SO comfy! AND, I'm too excited about the fact that it matches!

Baby Decisions
Part of what we were looking for when we were furniture shopping was a sleeper (i.e., pull-out bed). For weeks now we've been trying to decide if our two girls should share a room. Our girls will be 4 years apart, so that's definitely something that I've considered.  If they don't share we'll lose our only guest room (which doesn't concern me in the least).  I'm totally on board with losing a guest room and was hard set on it until recently, so the plan was to buy a sleeper when we purchased so that we'd still have somewhere for guests to sleep.  So, yes, that's a sleeper sofa pictured :)!  But now, I'm slowly starting to come over to "the girls should share a room" side.  Of course, the baby would sleep in our room for several months after birth due to frequent nursing.  Once we get into a groove and develop a good sleep routine she'd move in with Madison.  Madison has voted for this approach (but she has the decision making skills of a 5 year old) and it's been the hubs' stance all along.  I'm still thinking it through but I'm leaning towards sharing.  Our goal is to move into a bigger home by the end of 2018/beginning of 2019 so sharing wouldn't be something they'd have to do for too terribly long.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject, and what you've seen/know the pros and cons to be, and/or tips to make it work.

So, about those birds.  We don't park in our one car garage.  It's just a place for storage at this point and we're considering having it redone into a room that the hubs' can use as his personal space.  The other day I went in and out without closing the garage door fully.  It was just a sliver of a space that was open but apparently just enough for a bird or two to get themselves out of the cold.  How is this relevant, you ask?!  Well, yesterday when the hubs' and his friend were moving the old furniture to the garage (temporarily), to make way for the delivery of the new furniture, a bird flew into the house.  When I tell y'all I flipped out! I hid under the dinning room table until it was out.  No lie.  Madison was already in bed at the time but not yet asleep and she freaked out as well when it made it's way to her room.  I did not go to save her, my friends.  She's good though, it wasn't like it was a bear or something.  The hubs was after the bird anyway; he ushered Madison downstairs and she sat, under the table no doubt, with me until the hubs and his friend were able to get the bird out.  Talk about a crisis! It's super  By the way, I "snapped" during the event via Snapchat; you should totally follow me there (username - pharr_away).

So that's that.  What have you all been up to lately?  Have you had to make any recent changes or what feels like major life decisions.  I'd love to hear your story (crisis or not)!

Be intentional,

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