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Monday, July 13, 2015

Facebook Groups


When I first joined Facebook and groups became a thing, I joined a few without much thought.  I particularly joined ones that included people from my high school or home town, or ones that had people with similar interests as myself.  I quickly started to loathe those groups and eventually removed myself from them all.  But, as a blogger and entrepreneur, Facebook Groups are an absolute must.  It took me nearly three years of blogging to realize how crucial those groups would be to my success.  

Facebook groups when chosen correctly, allows you to make vital connections, gain invaluable knowledge, increase your page views and engagement, and grow your business.

I've joined a couple of different groups for different reasons, and participate within each in different ways.  There are four groups that I've found most helpful and participate in regularly:

I've joined these two groups to help increase traffic, followers and engagement to my site.  These groups post a daily thread for each social media account that allows you to provide a link to a particular post, tweet, pin, etc. that you'd like interaction on.  There's also a thread for blog comments.  Typically, to participate, you'll leave your link and must comment, retweet, like, pin, etc. at least five other participants that left a link within the thread.  Head over to one of the groups to get a better idea of what I mean.  These groups not only allow for traffic to come my way but they also force me to take time to read, comment, and share the work of other bloggers, which is so important as a blogger.  You must take time to read and comment and engage with others to be successful, and these groups are a constant reminder of that. 

Quick Tip - A virtual assistant could help you manage your presence in groups of this nature.  

This group is what keeps me on Blogger.  I often contemplate switching to Wordpress, but the members within this group continually encourage and remind its members why those on Blogger are and can be successful.  It's definitely a myth to think that you can't be taken seriously or viewed as a professional blogger just because you're on the Blogger platform.  There's also tons of information provided on how to do some unimaginable things with the look and functionality of your site.  Blogger is such an easy platform to provide themes and designs for and have the ability to look like a self-hosted site (such as Wordpress, if that's the look you're going for).  Since I sometimes like to design my own site and occasionally design Blogger sites for others, I really love the information this group has provided thus far to take my designs to the next level.

There are extremely knowledgeable bloggers in the BLM group.  Everyone is so helpful and don't mind sharing tips and tricks to being a successful blogger.  I'm learning a lot about how to treat my blog as a business, different things to do to continually monetize my site, and how to build multiple income streams.  I'm almost overwhelmed at times by the amount of information that floods my timeline from this group, and that's not at all a bad thing.  I've been putting different things in motion and becoming more confident in what I have to offer to brands as a blogger, thanks to this group.  I admire so many of the ladies in this group and have loved learning from the veterans, and watching the up-and-coming (including myself) take the blogosphere by storm!

I can't encourage you enough to find and join the right Facebook groups.  Since I've joined these groups at the beginning of the year my traffic to this site has doubled.  Seriously!  For someone who knows the value of networking, I truly undervalued it in regards to using Facebook Groups to my advantage to network and grow.  I suggest looking into and joining no more than a handful of groups that you can actively participate in, and watch your site (confidence and creativity) flourish!

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  1. You're so right. My fave group is on this list. I love learning so much from that group and I hope my blog benefits from the knowledge I receive there. Virtual Assistant though?? Let's expand on that a little!

  2. Blogging groups are a must. When I first started out, I join way too many and overwhelmed myself. Eventually, I was able to see which groups were right for me and remove myself from the ones that were not a good fit.

  3. Wow, this is totally amazing. I am going over to check out those groups right now!

  4. I don't know too much about blogger FB groups. I have heard complaints about blogger FB groups that are comment for comment (which I think is either for you or not) and I didn't quite realize that there were other types. I also like hearing that there are still bloggers who believe in Blogger. I'm not interested in my own url and still have a blogspot. I am sold on the ease of use and customization and haven't ever thought of switching.

  5. I've recently discovered some good groups too (that's how I found this post!) and it's been helping so much! Love the FB groups, the people in them are awesome :)

  6. I didn't realize how important Facebook groups were until I joined one and then decided to create one :) My blog has grown so much since.

  7. I agree, my pageviews jump when I post to Facebook groups. I wonder if the linkups are still helpful. I try to blend and do both. It is hard though because I am commenting on 20 plus blogs a day. I am seeing some return but not as much as I would like. Feel free to share this post on my weekly literacy linkup at :

  8. I have recently discovered facebook groups in the past week or so and they have really helped me increase traffic. I love reading, commenting, and sharing advice with fellow bloggers. My blog has really grown even though I haven't been a part of these groups for very long

  9. I love this post. BOBBs is the first group I ever joined. I completely agree they're what keep on blogspot even when most bloggers tell you to switch over in their tips. I agree with everything you said about how fb groups are beneficial for you. I think mostly it's just great for support and encouragement.

  10. I'm so lucky to have found out about Face Book groups right out the gate. I've been blogging for about 4 months and I have to say that between the groups on Face Book and linky parties, they've been responsible for the little bit of success I have had. There's one group on your list that I'm not a part of, heading over to check them out now!

  11. I just discovered the importance of Facebook groups! I've been in them but never groups like I've joined recently.. Great post :)

  12. Love Blogging Facebook Community groups; they have totally changed the way I blog! I actually am an admin for one called the Blog Passion Project, which is the sister community to Show Your Blog Love!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  13. Nice posts!
    I just joined 3 out of the groups you just mentioned
    I am not on blogger so I can't join the BoBBs group

  14. I think sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the different social media stuff out there but I like the idea of using groups as a way to network and grow my blog! Thanks for the suggestions!


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