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Monday, May 25, 2015

Facebook Fan Page Outreach is Dead - 3 Reasons Why You Should Keep it Anyway

Facebook Fanpages and Algorithms
At this point, I'm sure most are aware of the fact that Facebook has changed their algorithm yet again. They have done so in such a way that organic reach is basically nonexistent.  They want fan page owners to "pay to play"; to sponsor/boost their content.

People are frustrated by these changes, and rightfully so; however, I hear people often state that they consider getting rid of their pages or don't invest any amount of time trying to engage via this platform.  I think maintaining a Facebook fan page that is regularly updated through uploading posts is still incredibly important for many reasons.

Facebook Still Dominates Social Media

Whether we want to admit it or not, Facebook remains a leader in the social media industry and doesn't show any signs of losing that title.  As of the first quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users.  More often than not, a person may not have any other social media account except Facebook, and the demographic of it's users are nearly all-encompassing.  It is for these reasons that you should continue to nurture a fan page.

Brands Expect You to Have It

Even though it's becoming increasingly evident to most people that organic reach is dead, brands still look for you to have a fan page.  Brands recognize the above, that Facebook still dominates, and at the end of the day they're looking to reach as many people as possible through their sponsorship with you.  The more presence and engagement you have via top platforms, the more likely you'll be chosen for sponsorship opportunities. 

One Day It May Fit into Your Budget

As you start to build income through your business, your marketing budget should continually expand to align with your vision for growth.  Setting a budget for sponsoring content via your fan page may be considered, and when it does you'll already have an established page to work with.  If you're serious about and committed to building your brand, I'm certain you'll eventually reach a level that will allow you to sponsor/boost content. Doing so is certain to give results, because whether we want to admit it or not Facebook has developed one of the most powerful targeted systems on the internet; it works when utilized appropriately. So plan accordingly for the future.

The main takeaway:  Take the emotions out of your view of Facebook and view it for what it is; a platform about its business and one that you don't own.  Focus on cultivating the spaces that you do own while building engagement via social media platforms based on their best functional use in order to direct viewers and potential customers back to your site.

P.S. Here's a simple way to keep an eye on your reach via Facebook.  

On your fan page, on the top tab click on "Insights".  On the tab below that click on "Reach".  At the very bottom is a graph that shows "Total Reach".  Click on "Organic" on the right (or paid if you're sponsoring posts) to see what "Your Average This Period" is.

Facebook Fanpages and Algorithms

A simple calculation can be done to determine what percentage of your audience is being reached each period.  For example, when this screen shot was taken I had 980 followers: (123 average reach / 980 followers) x 100 = 12.6% organic reach.

Use this information to set goals for growth and expansion, especially as your social media marketing budget increases.

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