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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Sleepless Nights

I don’t know about you, but the first quarter of this year has been quite full for me thus far. So much has been going on lately. Maddie turned three, switched classes, and is starting dance! Eeek! Mario has a heavy load this semester, is constantly working on assignments, and studies late into the night.  Did I mention he's still working too?!  As for me, I’m becoming more engaged at work as well as traveling a bit more. In addition to that, I’m also attempting to develop a blogging/social media strategy with a focus on posting more consistently. Oy!

Life is full in the most beautiful of ways no matter what’s going on. But, in the same breathe; it’s easy for stress, tension and a bit of anxiety to creep in if you’re not mindful of your limitations. For me, an indication of being overwhelmed shows up in the form of restlessness. I tend to have a hard time shutting my mind off at night, especially if I’m feeling a little stressed.

Lately, I’ve been more aware of my restlessness at bedtime so I’ve implemented a few steps to help me settle down and drift into sleep naturally.

Step 1 – Disconnect
I spend more time than I should on my phone or computer, and I know that's nearly everyone's issue nowadays.  I can get so caught up blogging, browsing or interacting on social media that I end up staying up too late or can't pull myself away in order to fall asleep.  I've found that if you're more diligent about putting your computer/phone away at least an hour before bedtime you're more likely to fall asleep faster.  I'm still struggling with sticking to this step.

Step 2 – Tea
I recently started drinking decaffeinated Chamomile tea at the suggestion of a friend. To my surprise, it is quite calming and has proprieties that act as a mild sedative.  I've found that drinking a cup at bedtime can really do the trick, especially when you're feeling tense and/or anxious.  

Step 3 – Read
As you know, I have a deep, deep love for reading and my reading lists are quite extensive. With my schedule and responsibilities, I've found the best time to get in some reading is right before bed. Reading distracts the mind and allows one to forget about all the tasks that might lie ahead the next day.  Plus, after a bit of reading, eyes tend to get heavy making it more conducive for one to fall asleep.

Lastly, I've recently started taking RESCUE sleeping aids to help push me right over the edge.  I'm usually a bit weary of sleeping aids but was put at ease when I learned that these natural, homeopathic, liquid melts were developed by a doctor, and are gentle, safe, and non-habit-forming.  These small sleeping aids quickly dissolve on your tongue releasing a few drops of RESCUE Sleep; allowing you to drift off to sleep naturally.

You can't beat starting off the day refreshed, thanks to a good nights rest.  I recommend implementing at least one of the strategies above at bedtime; using a combination of the four, if not all, when you're feeling really stressed.  

And, if you're anything like me and need all the help you can get to stress less, and stay calm and in control, I suggest you head over to RESCUE's website to check out all the different products they have to offer; including RESCUE pastilles, pearls and more.  

Be sure to grab the BOGO coupon while you're at it.

How do you go about managing stress and sleepless nights? 
Share away in the comments!

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  1. I've had the stress pastilles and really liked them. I'll have to loo k for the sleep products.


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