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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Moments that Make Me Feel Like I'm on a Mom-cation

Last week we were stuck in the house for three days.  Three. Whole. Days. There was a "snow storm" here in NC.  I enjoyed just being with my family each day, so don't get me wrong, but I was also anxious to return to work by the end of the week.  A lot of it had to do with just feeling like I was trapped inside, and with people, for that matter.  As an introvert, I cherish time away and time alone.

I daydreamed a bit about things I get to do alone that I've come to appreciate only now that I'm a mother.  During those moments I tend to feel like I'm on a mini mom-cation (i.e., a break from one's motherly duties), the total opposite of how I felt last week.

Here are ten things that I consider to be a mini mom-cation when I get to do them alone:

A Trip to Target
I love Target like a child loves candy.  When I'm by myself, you can find me strutting down the aisles like I own the joint.  Walking at my leisure, touching what I will, carefully scoping out red stickers.  I always spend more money than I should, and I don't even care.  Target, my beloved, can have all my monies...especially if I'm by myself.

Grocery Shopping (or shopping of any kind)
Have you ever been shopping with a child that understands what groceries are?!  They know what they like and they know what they want.  "Mom, I want cereal."  "Mom, I want milk."  "Mom, I want juice."  "Mom, I want this", not even knowing what "this" really is.  Throwing things in the cart like they're paying.  If they're still young, sometimes they want to walk, sometimes they want to push, sometimes they want to be on the inside of the cart where they really shouldn't be.  Shoot, sometimes they want to be carried.  I just can't!

Shopping alone is like a little piece of heaven. Period.

Eating Food 
As a mom, you get use to eating your food fast, eating your food cold, forgetting to eat at all, you name it.  Sometimes, no, most of the time you even have to share your food.  There is nothing like sitting down to a meal and savoring every bite.  And don't even get me started on how good it feels to enjoy a dessert all by your lonesome.  

Cooking a Meal
I love to cook and bake.  I also enjoy doing so with my daughter, I really do.  It teaches her so much and we have fun while we're doing it.  But, I must admit that it really slows the process down.  My child is very independent and very particular, meaning; she wants to do things by herself and she wants to do it just right.  I commend her for those qualities yet sometimes I just want to get a meal on the table and sit my behind down!  Some days she gets occupied with something else and I get to cook alone.  I'm telling you, I feel like The Flash when I get to throw together a meal on my own and I feel like I have more time to do other things.

Using the Bathroom
Private moments are hard to come by once you're a mom.  Going to the bathroom, taking a shower, brushing your teeth; it all requires company.  At least that's what my toddler believes.  Sometimes when I'm in the shower she'll pull the curtain back, letting the cold rush in, talking about; "Mom, you taking a shower?!"  *picture me frowning*

And don't let me sit on the toilet for longer than a minute.  She'll come barging in, "Mom, you pooping?!" *grabbing my hand* "Let me hold your hand, mom." No. Lie.

When I get to sneak off to the bathroom to do my thing I feel elated.  Like an adult. Only toddlers need their hands held while they poop.
Talking on the Phone
I'll never understand why kids think it's a prime time to talk their heads off when you're on the phone.  It never fails.  I swear my daughter makes every effort to use her outside voice when I'm on the phone.  It drives me mad.  I already don't like talking on the phone, so if I'm on it it's probably important.  But as soon as I'm on, here she go: 1) up in my face, 2) again, outside voice, 3) the increasing-drawn-out-mom chant when I don't respond (i.e., "Mom, Mooom, Mooooom.", repeat). I sometimes scream inside. 

Being able to clearly hear and understand the person on the other end of the line is just calming nowadays, because in that other scenario my anxiety is extremely high.  

Just text me though. For real.

Hair Appointments
Can I just start with the fact that someone else washing your hair ranks right up there with a word that starts with s and rhymes with vex.  You know I'm right.  

Even though I get frustrated at how long hair appointments can take, I am learning that I should just relish the time that I get to myself every few weeks.  So, I take whatever book I'm reading at the time, make sure my phone is fully charged and enjoy my night at the salon.

Going to the Movies
I'm one of those people that enjoys going to a movie by myself.  Even before I was married and had a child I had no problem spending time alone in this way.  No one talking through the film, there's always at least one lone seat at the top, I get to see all the previews (b/c I'm on time).  Y'all probably don't even feel me.  It's amazing, I tell you. Ah-mazing!

Gym Time
As much as I despise working out, once I get there, I'm actually very happy to be there.  My gym time always takes at least 45 minutes or more.  That's some premium time to myself folks.  I can even watch a show uninterrupted while I'm on the treadmill if I really wanted to.  I'm just saying.

At Home Surrounded by Silence
Laslty, ever so often, my husband takes my daughter out on little dates while I stay home and do whatever I want.  Sometimes, I just sit...who am I kidding, I lie down and do absolutely nothing.  I just take in the silence.  This silence is different than any other silence because it's silence in your home.  We all know that silence in your home when your toddler is there is suspicious.  But nope, there are no worries when it's just me.  I can do what I want, when I want, how I want, and the silence feels good.  The back of my eyelids feel good too.

I'm curious!  What are some simple things you get to do alone that make you feel like you're on a mini mom-cation?!

Update 24 Jan 15, 8:00pm - We just so happen to be experiencing another series of snow days this week.  Figures!

Find Joy,



  1. My 3 year old loves to offer to hold my hand, too. How can one say no?

  2. Yes to every single one of these!!

  3. "going to the bathroom alone" haha you totally nailed it! What great mini ideas, thanks for the simple reminders.
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  4. I know exactly how you feel! My daughter is 8 and still does the "Mom I want this for breakfast" routine.

  5. I can totally relate, except I homeschool so my kids are with me 95% of the time. I do love it but oh my goodness when I need a break, I need a break! LOL!

  6. Yes! I have two rambunctious little boys that are 3 and 1. As a fellow introvert, I am right there with you!


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