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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Couples Reading List

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Mario and I started reading books together when we got married. Or should I say, a book/person, since we've only read two (that were a pairing).  Nonetheless, we're trying to get back to reading together as a couple.  I think it's important for couples to do things together that aren't just fun but encourages growth also.  I tend to go for books (usually biblicaly based) that will help to strengthen our marriage or ones that will help to shape the way we think about parenting. Of course, I tend to be the driver behind this effort and choose the books.  However, I'm so grateful for Mario's willingness to actively participate and engage in something that is so close to my heart; reading (together).  Perhaps I should actively watch sports with him a little more. Maybe :).

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I've listed a couple of books we've either read, are currently reading or have on our list to read next.

by Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick and Randy Alcorn (275 pgs.)

Synopis: The Resolution for Men stems from the movie, Courageous (by the makers of Fireproof). “The Resolution for Men strategically inspires men to reconcile with their past, re-engage in the present by taking full responsibility for their wives and children, and then move forward with a bold and clear resolution for the future. Written in partnership with the movie and Priscilla Shirer’s new book, The Resolution for Women, it is designed to inspire a revolution."

by Priscilla Shirer, Alex Kendrick, and Stephen Kendrick (288 pgs.)

Synopsis:  “This book is a resolution that challenges you to realign your daily decisions in a way that glorifies God and fulfills who He created you to be. Layered with biblical truth and seasoned with encouragement, The Resolution for Women will inspire the woman you see in the mirror to trust God’s perfect plan for her life, resolving to become “purposefully feminine, surprisingly satisfied, and faithfully His.  The focus of the various chapters are: being content, biblical femininity, valuing myself, devoted to Christ, following God's priorities, esteeming others with my full attention, demonstrating forgiveness, living with integrity, blessing your husband, training my children, living with grace, and leaving a godly legacy.”

Currently Reading:
by Gary D. Chapman (208 pgs.)

Synopsis:  This book identifies the five languages of love; Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch, and discuses how to strengthen your marriage by speaking the language of your partner.

Up Next:
by Sissy Goff, David Thomas and Melissa Trevathan (256 pgs.)

Synopsis:  "Intentional Parenting is built around 12 chapters that each dispel some of the most common parenting myths and reminds all parents of truths that can empower them to be not only the parents that their children need but that God has called them to be. The book helps you discover first who you are and then takes that healthy person into a discovery of being more intentional, playful, consistent, merciful, and connected to your children."

by Alex Kendrick (256 pgs)

Synopis: A forty (40) day devotional that explores the nature of mature love and challenges you to live it out. It emphasizes how each individual in the marriage must take responsibility for themselves and how they can change (whether their partner does or note) and shows how a relationship with God is the foundation of a powerful marriage.

by Emerson Eggerichs (324 pgs.)

Synopsis: This book provides biblically based counsel that discusses a man’s need for unconditional respect and a woman’s need for unconditional love.

by Emerson Eggerichs (288 pgs.)

Synopsis: This book provides a new way to approach the family dynamic and builds on a foundation of biblical principles to do so in order to defuse issues between parents and children.

Going forward, as we start to complete books and I get through books on my personal list I will begin to share my own short, sweet review.

Do you have any books to add to the list for couples?!

Find Joy,

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  1. This post is right on time for me, as I have been searching for a book for us to read! Like you, I am initiator in this, but my hubby is on board to participate, praise God! we read Love and Respect in a marriage growth group when we first got married and it was a good read, so make sure you guys check that one out soon! Be blessed! #BLMgirl


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