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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quitting | Day 23

I'll be honest...I give up easily. It doesn't take much to make me susceptible to quitting.  I have a hard time finishing things.

I am an adult.

Every since I became an adult, okay maybe since I turned sixteen, I decided that if I didn't like something then I didn't have to do it, put up with it, finish it.  I quit things.  When things are no longer fun, when things are hard, when there is conflict. I give up. Avoid. Let go. It's easier.

It's a horrible approach. I know that.  But it's what I do. A lot of adults do it, I'm sure, it's one of the few privileges of being an adult. Ha! But don't get me wrong, I've accomplished so much in my life as well. I do know how to see things through. There are many things that I've wanted to give up on, wanted to quit, desperately wanted to move on from but saw through to the end or continue to maintain, all because that's a part of being an adult too.  

What I need, is to do a better job of evaluating what I give up to make sure that giving it, whatever "it" may be, up is in my best interest.  In other words I need to quit staying up late, quit stressing myself out, quit thinking I'm not smart enough, quit thinking I'm not qualified, quit thinking I'm not...enough.  After I do that, I need to keep trying to believe in myself, keep trying to work towards my goals,  keep trying to stay connected with my family and friends, keep trying to do the best that I can.

May God help me to discern when I should let something go or when I should hold on.  May He continually be my guide and my strength, because if it was solely up to me I'd probably hardly ever finish a thing.

We're forever a work in progress, right?!  Right!

Hone in,


  1. We're all a work in progress is exactly right! I definitely don't consider you to be a quitter!! You've always been such a hard worker in my opinion. I like the paragraph with "believing in yourself."...sometimes that's all it takes, right?! Happy Friday, my friend!

  2. Work in progress right here too!! It's something we constantly have to be aware of and just keep working on it.

  3. I have such a hard time believing in myself. But isn't that everyone? Gosh... everyday I wake up saying to myself, "I live a purposeful life" Nicole, what I'm realizing is that even though quitting isn't an option, taking a break from time to time is. Let's keep each other encourage! Have a great weekend. :)


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